New Churchyard - Surnames O and P


This page contains surnames starting with O and P found on the grave stones and plaques in the New Churchyard and the names listed in the Parish Burial Records. In some cases we have a Monumental Inscription (in purple, row prefixed with MI), sometimes a Parish Record (in green, row prefixed with P), sometimes a Garden of Remembrance inscription (in red, row prefixed with GR) and sometimes any combination of the three. Beware! The parish records do not always agree totally with inscriptions and sometimes the information is totally different.

Along with the names is the year of death. This is to help you decide if the person listed is likely to be the one you are looking for. If there is no year of death given, then it is probable that the person is listed as a relative of the deceased.
If you find a name you are interested in, you may e-mail the site at

giving the appropriate name(s) and plot reference number(s). We will then send you the information we have.


Row Surname Forename(s) Year of Death
GR20C O’Keeffe Brenda 2004
GR20C O’Keeffe Patrick 2000
MIJ26 Olley "Bert" A.A. 1971
PJ26 Olley Albert Alan 1971
MIJ26 Olley Eileen  
PJ26 Olley Eileen Mary 1980
MIM35 Oram Eileen 1989
PM35 Oram Eileen Ada 1989
PC32 Oram Maraget Elizabeth 1946
PF08 Osborne Ada 1962
PF08 Osborne Walter John 1953
GR7B Osman Gladys Elizabeth 1992
GR7B Osman William George 1997
PB27 Owles Frederick Reeve 1943
PB27 Owles Gwendoline Winifred 1981
PD28 Packham William 1948
PD28 Packham   1966
PI17 Palmar Betty Kathleen 2005
PH08 Pankhurst Caroline 1960
MIH08 Pankhurst Caroline (Peggy) 1960
PN17 Paris Ethel 1986
MIN17 Paris Ethel 1986
PB05 Paris Mary Ann 1949
MIB05 Paris Mary Ann 1949
PN17 Paris Muriel 1986
MIN17 Paris Muriel 1986
MIB05 Paris William James (Billy) 1941
PB05 Paris   1941
PB16 Park Rose Beatrice 1942
PB07 Park   1941
GR26E Parker Albert 2012
GR26E Parker Kathleen Nancy 2011
MIC15 Parris Evelyn Margaret 1944
PC15 Parris Frederick David 1948
MIC15 Parris Frederick David Jonathan 1947
MIC15 Parris Ft.Sergt. Redvers RAF 1943
PC15 Parris   1947
GR1A Parsons Bryan L 1987
PL31 Parsons Frederick William 1975
MIL31 Parsons Frederick William 1975
MIL31 Parsons Naomi 1979
PC30 Pattenden Edith Lydia 1947
MIC30 Pattenden Edith Lydia 1947
PM31 Pattenden Thomas Arthur 1980
MIM31 Pattenden Thomas Arthur 1980
PC30 Pattenden William 1946
MIC30 Pattenden William 1946
PC30 Pattenden   1961
PJ24 Payne Brian Harold 1970
MIJ24 Payne Brian Harold 1970
GR6F Payne Evelyn May 2008
MIJ24 Payne Michael Frederic 2006
PJ24 Payne Michael Frederic 2006
MIA27 Payne Sidney "Sid" 1991
GR6F Payne Stanley Walter 1990
PA27 Payne Sydney Albert 2005
PG21 Peddar Jane 1958
PG21 Peddar Robert James 1997
MIG21 Pedder Jane 1958
MIG21 Pedder Robert 1997
MIM16 Pelling Eveline (Lyn) 1982
PM16 Pelling Eveline Mary 1982
PE7A Pemhurst A 1954
MIJ05 Pennells Joyce  
PJ05 Pennells Joyce Irene 1966
MIA19 Perfect Charlie William 1941
MIA19 Perfect Edith Mary 1945
MIA19 Perfect Janet Mary 1946
PA19 Perfect   1941
PA19 Perfect   1945
PL30 Peters Arthur 1984
MIL30 Peters Arthur 1984
PL30 Peters Margaret Frances 1975
MIL30 Peters Margaret Frances 1975
PK25 Phillips Alfred Henry  
GR25F Phillips Cecil ( Phil ) 1981
MIG27 Phillips George Henry 1989
MIG27 Phillips Gertrude Alice 1957
PG27 Phillips Gertrude Alice 1957
PQ19 Phillips Hazel 2002
MIQ19 Phillips Hazel 2002
GR25F Phillips Ivy May 2010
PQ19 Phillips John Anthony Rhys 1999
MIQ19 Phillips John Anthony Rhys 1998
PG27 Phillips Philip Henry 1965
MIG27 Phillips Phillip Henry 1965
MIE06 Philpott Lily 1949
PE06 Philpott Lily 1949
MIE06 Philpott Sidney 1976
PE06 Philpott Sidney 1979
PK17 Pilbeam Pansy Gertrude  
MIK17 Pilbeam Pansy Gertrude 1974
MIK17 Pilbeam William Henry 1979
PQ13 Piper Peggy 2000
MIQ13 Piper Peggy 2000
MIP12 Pitman Doris 2006
PP12 Pitman Doris Phyllis 2006
PP12 Pitman Horace James 1996
MIP12 Pitman Horace James 1996
PO11 Pittard Barry John 1992
MIO11 Pittard Barry John 1992
GR15E Pitts Norman 1999
PH28 Plumer Kathleen 1962
PH28 Plumer Martin Luther 1968
PL18 Pocock Mabel 1976
MIL18 Pocock Mabel 1976
PO12 Pollard Albert Horace 1992
MIO12 Pollard Albert Horace 1992
PH27 Pollard   1962
PH27 Pollard   1962
PQ26 Pond Francis Joseph 2000
PQ26 Pond Ida Annie 1998
MIQ26 Pond Ida Annie 1998
PB20 Pope Annie Elizabeth 1985
PB20 Pope Charity 1942
MIB20 Pope Charity 1942
PA24 Pope John 1942
PA14 Potter Frank 1941
MIA14 Potter Frank 1941
MIA14 Potter Madeleine Francis 1944
MIN12 Potts Audrey 1986
PN12 Potts Edna Audrey 1986
PN04 Potts Phyllis Miriam 2006
MIN04 Potts Phyllis Miriam 2006
MIN04 Potts Thomas Arthur 1988
PN04 Potts Thomas Arthur Bulmer 1988
PL24 Powell Eva 2008
MIL24 Powell Eva 2008
PL24 Powell William Henry 1976
MIL24 Powell William Henry 1976
GR16E Pratt Derek C 2001
PF03 Preston Frances May 2004
PF03 Preston Frank 1955
MIF03 Preston Frank 1955
PF03 Preston Sarah Jane 1952
MIF03 Preston Sarah Jane 1952
GR19D Procter Edith Sarah 2003
GR19D Procter Harold 2005
PR31 Puttock Albert William 2000
PR31 Puttock Edith Kathleen May 2009
MIE16 Puttock Ernest 1959
PE16 Puttock Ernest 1959
MIE16 Puttock Frances 1951
PE16 Puttock Frances  1951
MIR31 Puttock Kathleen May 2009
MIR31 Puttock William Albert 2000