to all who help to make this site what it is:

- to my husband Geoff who supports me in all I do - who understands when I can't sleep because text won't stay where I put it - who stops what he is doing to scan something for me - who brings tea to the weary.

- to my son Andy who said I could do it - who solves my problems - who encouraged a newbie by saying things like 'I like the way you did that, I wouldn't have thought of doing it that way.' - who puts up with infuriating e-mails - who sorts out my computer when he's around - who must be glad he doesn't live closer!

- to the people of Ringmer who who send me information to go on the site.

- to Kate Walter for the census illustration.

- to John Kay for the original suggestion, which sort-of grew.

- to the census transcribers, John Kay, Malcolm Crouch, Sue Burton, Heather Osmer and Sue Hall who have done a very difficult job.

- to Rob Parsons who offered to help - and does.

- to Elizabeth Clifford who rashly volunteered to do the Monumental Inscription look-ups.

- to all my friends who put up with my website mania and haven't given up on me - yet.

Anna-May Bridger