New Churchyard - Surnames I to L


This page contains surnames starting with I, J, K and L found on the grave stones and plaques in the New Churchyard and the names listed in the Parish Burial Records. In some cases we have a Monumental Inscription (in purple, row prefixed with MI), sometimes a Parish Record (in green, row prefixed with P), sometimes a Garden of Remembrance inscription (in red, row prefixed with GR) and sometimes any combination of the three. Beware! The parish records do not always agree totally with inscriptions and sometimes the information is totally different.
Along with the names is the year of death. This is to help you decide if the person listed is likely to be the one you are looking for. If there is no year of death given, then it is probable that the person is listed as a relative of the deceased.
If you find a name you are interested in, you may e-mail the site at

giving the appropriate name(s) and plot reference number(s). We will then send you the information we have.



Row Surname Forename(s) Year of Death
PO18 Isted Frank Charles 1991
MIO18 Isted Frank Charles 1991
MIK29 Isted James Samuel M.M. 1977
PK29 Isted Katie  
MIK29 Isted Katie 1972
PC18 Jackson Jessie 1946
MIC18 Jackson Jessie 1946
MIC18 Jackson Joseph S 1944
PC18 Jackson Jospeh Samuel 1944
MII17 James Ivy Grace 1964
PI17 James Walter Arthur 1971
MII17 James Walter Arthur 1971
PI17 James   1964
PN13 Jarvis Ernest Thomas 1986
MIN13 Jarvis Ernest Thomas 1986
PK09 Jarvis George 1975
MIK09 Jarvis George 1975
PK09 Jarvis Julia Audrey  
MIK09 Jarvis Julia Audrey 1980
PN13 Jarvis Ruth Margaret 1991
MIN13 Jarvis Ruth Margaret 1991
PH21+ Jeary Alex 1961
PH21+ Jeary Freda 2002
PH21+ Jeary Frederick 2000
PH21+ Jeary   1968
MIH21 Jerary "Alec" Alexander Thomas William 1961
MIH21 Jerary Charles Richard 1968
MIH21 Jerary Fred 2000
MIH21 Jerary Freda Marguerita 2002
GR5D Johannesson Trixie Vera 1995
MIJ29 Johnson Edith 1971
PJ29 Johnson Edith  1971
PJ29 Johnson Robert 1975
MIJ29 Johnson Robert 1975
PA22 Jones Alice 1941
MIE11 Jones Annie Margaret 1972
GR18A Jones Catherine Lucy (Nee Pym) 2012
PA18 Jones Elizabeth 1954
MIA18 Jones Elizabeth 1954
PO14 Jones Harold 1992
MIO14 Jones Harold 1992
PO14 Jones Isabella 1996
MIO14 Jones Isabella 1996
MIE03 Jones Maria 1949
PE03 Jones Maria 1949
MIR07 Jones Peter Cresswell 2002
GR18A Jones Peter Cresswell 2002
MIA22 Jones Reginald Wilfred 1941
PA18 Jones Thomas 1941
MIA18 Jones Thomas 1941
PE11 Jones  [Thomas] 1950
MIE11 Jones Thomas 1950
GR21G Jowett Mary 2005
MIA23 Kemp Dorcas W N 1941
PA23 Kemp Dorcas Winifred Nancy 1941
MIA23 Kemp Robert Frederick 1964
MIG31 Kempshall Frederick 1989
PG31 Kempshall Frederick    1989
GR10D Kempshall Fredrick Thomas 1995
GR10D Kempshall Iris Sylvia 1996
MIG31 Kempshall Winifred Mary 1956
PG31 Kempshall Winifred Mary 1956
PO21 Kennett Alice Maud 1991
MIO21 Kennett Alice Maud 1991
MIO21 Kennett Jack 1997
PO21 Kennett John 1997
MIT06 Kenward Eddie 2005
GR20B Kenward Eddie 2005
GR14D Kenward Joyce 1998
MID13 Kenward George  1945
PD13 Kenward James  
MID13 Kenward James Henry 1969
PD13 Kenward Marjorie Alice 1985
MID13 Kenward Marjorie Alice 1984
MID13 Kenward Mary Elizabeth 1997
PN20 Kerr David Robertson 1985
MIN20 Kerr David Robertson 1985
PN20 Kerr Phyllis Marjorie Louisa 1995
MIN20 Kerr Phyllis Marjorie Louisa 1995
PF01 Kilham Mark 1952
MIF01 Kilham Mark 1952
MIF01 Kilham Martha Emma 1982
PF01 Kilham William Mark 1991
MIF01 Kilham William Mark 1990
PP16 Kilner Hazel Betty Doreen 2009
PP16 Kilner Roy Edwin 1996
PE21 King A (Horace?) 1952
GR23D King David Edward 2009
MIE21 King Horace T 1952
PH14 King Minnie 1961
PBC Kingston Ernest George 1967
MIBC05 Kingston Ernest George 1967
PBC Kingston Elsie Susannah 1990
MIBC05 Kingston Elsie Susannah 1989
MIP22 Kingston Megan Denise 1995
PP22 Kingston Megan Denise 1995
MIP06 Klassen Hans Johann 1975
PP06 Klassen Vera May 1996
MIP06 Klassen Vera May 1996
GR6G Kluss Hildegard (Frau) 1990
PH06 Knight Charles Ernest 2007
MIH06 Knight Charlie 2006
PP24 Knight Ethel May 1994
MIP24 Knight Ethel May 1994
MIH06 Knight Linda 1960
PH06 Knight Linda Maureen Veronica 1960
MIH06 Knight Olive 1974
PA05 Knight William Arthur Smith 1939
GR3A Knott Hilda 1993
GR3A Knott James H 1989
PQ22 Knowles Charles 1998
MIQ22 Knowles Charles 1998
MIQ22 Knowles Maud (Katie) 2006
PQ22 Knowles Maud Ethel (known as Katie) 2006
GR11E Lade Bob 1995
GR11E Lade Kathleen 1995
PM04 Laker Ronald Arthur 2005
MIM04 Laker Ronald Arthur 2005
PQ24 Lambert Greta Irene 1998
MIQ24 Lambert Greta Irene 1998
PQ24 Lambert Percy Rowland 2000
MIQ24 Lambert Percy Rowland 2000
GR2A Lancaster Marlene 1987
MIO07 Lanius Elsa "Mavis" Joan 2007
PO07 Lanius Elsa Mavis Joan 2007
PO07 Lanius Josef Johannes 1993
MIO07 Lanius Josef Johannes 1993
PA27 Lavender Albert Edward 1942
MIA27 Lavender Albert Edward 1942
PA27 Lavender Lois 1984
MIA27 Lavender Lois 1984
PO09 Ledward Albert Ernest 1992
MIO09 Ledward Albert Ernest 1992
PO09 Ledward Florence Annie 1997
MIO09 Ledward Florence Annie 1997
MIF06 Lee Dorothy 1953
MIF06 Lee Edgar 1973
PF06 Lee Edgar James Preedy 1973
PF06 Lee   1953
GR2B Lee Grace Florence 1988
GR2B Lee Walter Rowsell 2003
MIQ02 Lees Ethel (Bonnie) 2001
GR17F Lees Ethel (Bonnie) 2001
GR17F Lees John Charles 2002
MIQ02 Lees John Charles 2002
GR12D Leveque Allen 1996
MIR21 Levell Fred 2003
PR21 Levell Frederick Daniel 2004
PB35 Lewery James Henry 1947
PI16 Lewis Eunice Beryl 1991
MII16 Lewis Eunice Beryl 1991
PI15 Lewis William Henry 1964
MII15 Lewis William Henry 1964
MIC13 Lewry Alfred 1947
PC13 Lewry Winifred Clara 1944
MIC13 Lewry Winifred Clara 1944
PO19 Lister Mary Elizabeth 1992
MIO19 Lister Mary Elizabeth 1992
PO19 Lister William Henry 1991
MIO19 Lister William Henry 1991
MIF20 Lloyd Elizabeth Jane 1969
MIF20 Lloyd Harold John 1955
PM06 Lloyd Paul Medley 1984
MIM06 Lloyd Paul Medley 1984
PF20 Lloyd   1955
PL02 Lowery Mark Jonathan 1978
MIL02 Lowery Mark Jonathan 1978
PB08 Luckhurst   1941
MIA31 Lusted Elizabeth Kate 1961
PA31 Lusted James 1947
MIA31 Lusted James 194?
PP21 Luxton Eva Betsy Hannah Clara 2010
PP21 Luxton John William 1995
MIP21 Luxton John William 1995