New Churchyard - Surnames Q to S

This page contains surnames starting with Q, R and S found on the grave stones and plaques in the New Churchyard and the names listed in the Parish Burial Records. In some cases we have a Monumental Inscription (in purple, row prefixed with MI), sometimes a Parish Record (in green, row prefixed with P), sometimes a Garden of Remembrance inscription (in red, row prefixed with GR) and sometimes any combination of the three. Beware! The parish records do not always agree totally with inscriptions and sometimes the information is totally different.

Along with the names is the year of death. This is to help you decide if the person listed is likely to be the one you are looking for. If there is no year of death given, then it is probable that the person is listed as a relative of the deceased.
If you find a name you are interested in, you may e-mail the site at

giving the appropriate name(s) and plot reference number(s). We will then send you the information we have.


Row Surname Forename(s) Year of Death
PI26 Ransom Arthur William 1965
MII26 Ransom Arthur William 1965
PI26 Ransom Florence 1978
MII26 Ransom Florence 1978
PS06 Reed Ann 2004
GR19B Reed Ann 2004
GR8A Reed Frederick John 1993
GR8A Reed Lily Violet 1999
MIB13 Reeves George 1948
MIB13 Reeves Ruth 1942
PB13 Reeves Ruth Rebecca 1942
MIG07 Reid Elizabeth Mary 1956
PG07 Reid Elizabeth Mary 1956
MIG07 Reid James Douglas 1955
MIR02 Reim Joseph 2002
GR18F Reim Joseph 2002
GR18F Reim Peggy 2009
MIR02 Reim Peggy 2009
MIG13 Renals, BT James Herbert  
PG13 Renals Susan 1957
MIG13 Renals
Susan Emma 1957
PM22 Reynell Joan Courtenay 1981
MIM22 Reynell Joan Courtenay 1981
PR09 Reynolds John Bosco 2008
MIR09 Reynolds John Bosco 2008
PA33 Rice Arthur Cracroft 1956
MIA33 Rice Arthur Cracroft (Revd) 1956
PA03 Rice David Harold Cracroft 1947
MIA04 Rice David Harold Cracroft 1947
PA34 Rice Hugh Davis Cracroft 1969
MIA34 Rice Hugh Davis Cracroft 1968
PA33 Rice Ida Hester 1962
MIA33 Rice Ida Hester 1962
PA34 Rice Kathleen Mary 1987
MIA34 Rice Kathleen Mary 1987
PH31 Rice 1962
PK11 Richards Elsie 1974
MIK11 Richards Elsie 1974
PK11 Richards Francis 1978
MIK11 Richards Francis Henry 1978
GR15A Richards Joyce Evelyn 2000
PH18 Richards Marie Rose 1961
GR15A Richards Maurice 2011
MIG35 Richardson "Bert" Richard Albert 1998
MIG35 Richardson Agnes 1959
PG35 Richardson Agnes 1959
PI28 Richardson Doris  1966
MII28 Richardson Doris Lily 1966
MIG35 Richardson Edward Edmund 1955
PG35 Richardson Edward Edmund 1955
MIP14 Richardson Pearl
PG35 Richardson Richard Albert 1998
PP14 Richardson Stanley John 1996
MIP14 Richardson Stanley John 1996
PP14 Richardson Violet Pearl 1998
PN22 Richmond Paul Ernest 1987
MIN22 Richmond Paul Ernest 1987
PN22 Richmond Ruth Gordon 1985
MIN22 Richmond Ruth Gordon 1985
PL13 Roberts Gregory Rowland 1976
MIL13 Roberts Gregory Rowland 1976
PQ28 Robins Horace Edward 1998
MIQ28 Robins Horace Edward 1998
PN31 Robins Kate Eva 1984
MIN31 Robins Kate Eva 1984
MID11 Robinson E A L 1967
PD11 Robinson Ellen May Lydia 1967
MID11 Robinson Ralph Radford(?) 1945
PD11 Robinson 1945
PM03 Robson Bryan Fairfax 1998
MIM03 Robson Bryan Fairfax 1989
MIF20A Robson T Fairfax U 1956
PM03 Robson Vera 1984
MIM03 Robson Vera 1984
PF20A Robson 1956
MIV07 Rodber Cath 2008
GR22A Rodber Cath 2008
GR22A Rodber Denis 2008
MIO30 Rodhouse John Edward 1989
PO30 Rodhouse John Edward Marriott 1989
GR3G Rogers Ivy Emily 1998
PQ10 Rogers Joan 2000
MIQ10 Rogers Joan 2000
GR3G Rogers Norman Vernon Kerswell 1988
MIB06 Rook Fanny
MIO29 Rooke Albert 2008
PO29 Rooke Albert Victor 2008
PJ13 Rooke Annie Florence 1973
MIJ13 Rooke Annie Florene 1973
PB06 Rooke Fanny Louisa 1941
MIA06 Rooke Henry Alfred 1953
PH15 Rooke Jane 1961
MIH15 Rooke Jane 1961
PO29 Rooke Jeannie 1990
MIO29 Rooke Jeannie 1990
MIJ13 Rooke Leonard
PJ13 Rooke Leonard George 1968
PA06 Rooke Rosa 1939
MIA06 Rooke Rosa 1939
MIR13 Rooke Violet 2007
PR13 Rooke Violet Ellen 2007
PK32 Rose Kenneth William
PK32 Rose Mary
MIK32 Rose Mary 1985
PK32 Rose William Valentine
MIK32 Rose William Valentine 1971
GR11C Rout Frederick John 1995
GR21C Rushworth Margaret Ellen 2005
PL12 Russell Reginald 1976
MIL12 Russell Dorothy 1981
PJ08 Russell Ethel 1967
MIJ08 Russell Ethel 1967
MIJ08 Russell Francis 1976
MIJ08 Russell Frank Terry 2005
PP09 Russell Frank Terry 2005
MIP09 Russell John Francis (Jack) 1996
MIP09 Russell Nellie Grace 2004
MIL12 Russell Reginald 1976
GR6E Salisbury Sally 2004
PP27 Sanderson Barbara Jean 1993
MIP27 Sanderson Barbara Jean 1993
PP27 Sanderson Kenneth 2004
MIP27 Sanderson Kenneth 2004
GR13C Sandford Charles 1997
GR13C Sandford Phyllis 2007
PM05 Sandford Phyllis Elsie Norton 2008
PJ11 Sankey J 1968
MIB14 Saunders Alice 1971
PB14 Saunders Dora Alice Maud 1971
MIE01 Saunders George 1949
PE01 Saunders George 1949
MIE01 Saunders Mary Jane 1949
PE01 Saunders Mary Jane 1949
PA01+ Saunders Roy Cyril 1982
PB14 Saunders William 1942
MIB14 Saunders William Charles 1942
MIE13 Sawyer Esther Harriet 1970
PE13 Sawyer Esther Harriet 1970
MIE13 Sawyer James 1950
PE13 Sawyer James 1950
PB04 Sawyer Mary 1939
PM01 Sayers Adam Lee 1987
MIM01 Sayers Adam Lee
PM01 Sayers Carole Ann 2006
MIM01 Sayers Carole Ann
PM02 Sayers Lee David 1994
MIM02 Sayers Lee David 1994
PM01 Sayers Stephen John 1982
MIM01 Sayers Stephen John 1982
PL07 Scott Dorothy Jean 2001
MIL07 Scott Dorothy Jean "Jeannie" 1998
PP31 Scott Edward Arthur George 1992
PJ12 Sealy Joan Ursula 1989
MIJ12 Sealy Joan Ursula 1969
PJ12 Sealy John Edward 1968
MIJ12 Sealy John Edward 1968
GR12A Searle Irene Joyce 2006
GR12A Searle John Charles 1988
PF32 Sedar Maria 1952
MIF32 Sedar Maria
?MIA Sewell Elsie 1953
PC25 Sewell Elsie May 1953
MIC25 Sewell Elsie May 1953
?MIA Sewell Ernest Walter 194?
PC25 Sewell Ernest Walter 1944
MIC25 Sewell Ernest Walter 1944
GR1D Sewell Margeret 1999
PS30 Seymore-Hamlet Cynthia Mary 2009
PR18 Seymour Ian Alexander 2005
MIR18 Seymour Ian Alexander 2005
GR4G Sharp Brenda 1988
GR24G Shave Peter Adeane 2009
PK24 Shaw Arthur James Frederick
MIK24 Shaw Frederick 1996
PK24 Shaw Kathleen
MIK24 Shaw Kathleen 1973
PG36 Shelley Arthur Ernest 1955
PM27 Sheppard Gertrude Mary 1984
MIM27 Sheppard Gertrude Mary 1984
PM27 Sheppard Sydney Horace 1980
MIM27 Sheppard Sydney Horace 1980
PN30 Sherlock Elizabeth Ellen 1985
MIN30 Sherlock Elizabeth Ellen 1985
PN30 Sherlock William George 1984
MIN30 Sherlock William George 1984
MIA11 Shrubb Harriet 1955
PA11 Shrubb William 1940
MIA11 Shrubb William 1940
GR16C Siemans Henri 2001
PB22 Siggs Arthur James 1942
MIB22 Siggs Arthur James 1942
MIK28 Siggs Florence Eliza 1998
PK28 Siggs Florence Eliza
PK28 Siggs Harry
MIK28 Siggs Harry 1972
PB22 Siggs Kate 1950
MIB22 Siggs Kate 1950
PD32 Simmonds Arhut Ramoath 1948
PN34 Simmons George William 1989
MIN34 Simmons George William 1989
PI09 Simmons Grace Lavina 1964
MII09 Simmons Grace Lavinia 1964
PI32 Simmons Jess George 1966
MII32 Simmons Jesse George 1966
PJ11 Simmons L 1967
PI32 Simmons Lucy 1968
MII32 Simmons Lucy 1968
MIR28 Simons Leonard A.D. 2001
PR28 Simons Leonard Alfred David 2001
MIG20 Simpson George Henry 1976
PG20 Simpson George Henry 1976
MIG20 Simpson Violet Edna 1984
PG20 Simpson Violet Edna 1984
PQ04 Sims Winifred 2009
MIQ04 Sims Winifred (Freda) 2009
PL01 Sinden Lilian Rose 1979
MIL01 Sinden Lilian Rose 1979
PL01 Sinden Nellie 1999
MIL01 Sinden Nellie
MIL01 Sinden Thomas
PL01 Sinden Thomas Henry Steven 1986
PB30 Skinner Patrick 1946
GR26D Smale Nellie 2012
GR26D Smale William 1979
GR8F Small Arthur Frank 1995
PQ29 Small Donald Pearce 1998
MIQ29 Small Donald Pearce 1998
GR8F Small Eva Maud (Midge) 1993
GR20F Smart Geoffrey Duncan 2004
PO31 Smith Eileen May 1989
MIO31 Smith Eileen May 1989
MIK05 Smith Frederick Charles 1978
PK05 Smith Frederick Charles Wesley 1978
PA28 Smith Mary Louisa 1942
MIT03 Smith Robert John 2004
GR20E Smith Robert John 2004
MIE27 Smith Sidney John 1950
PE27 Smith Sidney John 1950
PA28 Smith   1958
MIA21 Soan Alice May
PA21 Soan George Albert 1990
MIA21 Soan George Albert 1990
PA21 Soan Margaret Ann 1949
MIA21 Soan Margaret Ann 1948
MIN08 Spiller Heber Lisle 1987
PN08 Spiller Heber Lisle 1987
PN08 Spiller Shirley Kaye 2002
MIN08 Spiller Shirley Kaye
MIO17 Stafford Nigel 1991
PO17 Stafford Nigel Brent 1991
GR5F Stallard Eric Alfred 1989
GR5F Stallard Gladys 2008
MIR12 Stebbings Gordon 2007
PR12 Stebbings Gordon Albert Stanley 2007
PQ09 Steel David William 2002
MIQ09 Steel David William 2002
PQ09 Steel Isobel Imogen 2001
MIQ09 Steel Isobel Imogen 2001
MII27 Stevens Benjamin George 1965
MII27 Stevens Nellie 1974
PI27 Stevens 1965
PR23 Stock Barbara Mary 2003
MIR23 Stock Barbara Mary 2003
PL22 Stone Clarence Philip 1989
PL22 Stone Elizabeth Gertrude 1976
GR16F Stone Frances Louise 2000
GR16F Stone George Alfred 1969
PK04 Storr Gwendoline 1978
MIK04 Storr Gwendoline 1978
PB25 Stranack Claude Newton 1942
MIB25 Stranack Claude Newton 1942
PB25 Stranack Louie 1949
MIB25 Stranack Louie 1949
MIG12 Stredwick Fanny Kate 1957
PG12 Stredwick Fanny Kate 1957
GR19C Streetfield Richard John 2003
PH17 Styles Frank 1961
MIH17 Styles Ruth Constance 1978
MIH17 Styles Sidney Frank 1961
PJ25 Summers Olive May 1970
MIJ25 Summers Olive May 1970
PJ25 Summers William Albert 1978
MIJ25 Summers William Albert 1978
PG10 Sutton William Herbert 1957
PR11 Swan Frank 2007
MIR11 Swann Frank 2007
GR24E Sykes Alice 2011
GR24E Sykes Wilfred (Bill) 2008
PF33 Symonds Emily Caroline 1952
MIF33 Symonds Emily Caroline 1952
PF33 Symonds William 1959
MIF33 Symonds William 1959