New Churchyard - Surnames H


This page contains surnames starting with H found on the grave stones and plaques in the New Churchyard and the names listed in the Parish Burial Records. In some cases we have a Monumental Inscription (in purple, row prefixed with MI), sometimes a Parish Record (in green, row prefixed with P), sometimes a Garden of Remembrance inscription (in red, row prefixed with GR) and sometimes any combination of the three. Beware! The parish records do not always agree totally with inscriptions and sometimes the information is totally different.
Along with the names is the year of death. This is to help you decide if the person listed is likely to be the one you are looking for. If there is no year of death given, then it is probable that the person is listed as a relative of the deceased.
If you find a name you are interested in, you may e-mail the site at

giving the appropriate name(s) and plot reference number(s). We will then send you the information we have.


Row Surname Forename(s) Year of Death
PM32 Hague Marjorie Alice 1980
MIM32 Hague Marjorie Alice 1980
GR6E Haigh Doug 1990
MID15 Haine John Herbert 1945
PD15 Haines Herbert John 1945
PP29 Hall Donald Henry 1993
MIP29 Hall Donald Henry 1993
PE05 Hall Dorothy 1949
MIE05 Hall Dorothy Sarah 1949
PB31 Hall Frances Nellie 1958
MIB31 Hall Frances Nellie 1958
PB31 Hall Isaac 1946
MIB31 Hall Isaac 1946
PB31 Hall Philip John 1997
MIB31 Hall Philip John 1997
PM25 Hallett Harry John 1998
MIM25 Hallett Harry John 1998
PM25 Hallett Joan 1981
MIH10 Halsey Annie 1979
PH10 Halsey Annie Elizabeth 1979
PH10 Halsey Hubert 1961
MIH10 Halsey Hubert 1961
PN26 Hamilton Elsie Ruth 1984
PL09 Hammond Margarita Rosa 1980
MIL09 Hammond Marjorie 1980
PL09 Hammond William John Leslie 1976
MIL09 Hammond William John Leslie 1976
GR25C Hampton Ron 2010
MIG32 Harman Derek 2006
PG32 Harman Derek Ernest 2006
MIG32 Harman Dorothy 2000
PG32 Harman Dorothy Winifred 2000
MIG32 Harman Elsie May 1956
PG32 Harman Elsie May 1956
MIG32 Harman Ernest 1984
PG32 Harman Ernest    1984
PO08 Harmes Winfred Maud 1992
MIO08 Harmes Winifred M 1992
PI07 Harper Evelyn Mary 1986
MII07 Harper Evelyn Mary 1986
PD16 Harper Florence Mary 1946
MID16 Harper Florence Mary 1946
PI07 Harper John Henry 1963
MII07 Harper John Henry 1963
PI07 Harper Joseph David 2000
MII07 Harper Joseph David Joe 1999
PD17 Harper Joseph Henry 1948
MID17 Harper Joseph Henry 1948
PB15 Harris Elizabeth 1944
MIB15 Harris Elizabeth 1944
PK15 Harris Frederick Stephen  
MIK15 Harris Frederick Stephen 1974
MIM30 Harris Phyllis Betty 1999
PM30 Harris Phyllis May 1999
PB15 Harris Stephen Frederick 1942
MIB15 Harris Stephen Frederick 1942
PM30 Harris William John 1980
MIM30 Harris William John 1980
MIF07 Hart John Harry 1953
PF07 Hart John Henry 1973
PF07 Hart Katherine Emily 1989
MIF07 Hart Kitty 1989
PF02 Hartfield Eli 1952
MIF02 Hartfield Eli 1952
PF02 Hartfield Mary 1955
MIF02 Hartfield Mary 1955
GR22D Harvey Gordon Webster 2007
PP15 Haslam James Bouys 1996
MIP15 Haslam James Bouys 1996
PB23 Hatherall Beryl 2000
PB23 Hatherall   1942
PB23 Hatherall   1942
MIB23 Hatherell Beryl Margaret 1999
MIB23 Hatherell Margaret 1942
MIB23 Hatherell William Snowdon 1942
MIG20 Haupt John Christopher 1958
PG20 Haupt John Christopher 1958
GR15C Hayes Hazel May 2010
GR15C Hayes Norman 1999
PK22 Haynes Ellen  
MIK22 Haynes Ellen 1973
MIK21 Haynes Ernest George North 1979
PA01 Hayward Kenneth Gordon 1938
MIA01 Hayward Kenneth Gordon 1938
MIA01 Hayward Sanders Lillian Mary 1947
PA02 Heasman ? 1966
PL25 Heasman Edward Cuthbert 1976
MIL25 Heasman Edward Cuthbert 1975
PA02 Heasman Jack 1939
MIA02 Heasman Jack 1939
MIA02 Heasman Kate 1066
GR25G Heath Barbara Celia 2010
MIG32 Hemsley Elsie Lillian Ivy 1971
GR1C Hetherton May Louisa 2012
GR1C Hetherton Reginald Alford 1986
PG08 Hewson Daisy Louisa 1960
MIG08 Hewson Ethel Daisy Louisa 1060
MIB16 Hewson Gerald William 1954
MIB16 Hewson Jane Annie (Jenny) 1957
MIG08 Hewson Joseph Frank 1957
PG08 Hewson Joseph Frank 1957
PB16 Hewson   1956
PB16 Hewson   1957
PO24 Hiene Helga Mary Edna 1999
PO24 Hiene Mary Elizabeth 1991
MIA07 Higham Dora 2000
PA07 Higham Dorothea Florence Leila 2000
PA07 Higham Eric  
MIA07 Higham Eric 1971
PA07 Higham James Eric 1940
MIA07 Higham Jimmy 1940
PN19 Hill Heather Andree 1985
MIN19 Hill Heather Andree 1985
GR4F Hill Muriel 1989
GR4F Hill Thomas 2000
PA26 Hillman Annie 1956
MIA26 Hillman Annie 1956
PA26 Hillman William George 1942
MIA26 Hillman William George 1942
MIE14 Hills Alice 1976
MIE14 Hills Ebenezer 1968
PL26 Hills Edwin 1975
MIQ27 Hilsdon Janet 1998
PQ27 Hilsdon Janet Ida 1998
PF16 Hilton Ambrose 1954
PQ32 Hindley Geoffrey Talbot 1996
MIQ32 Hindley Godfrey Talbot 1996
MIQ32 Hindley Phyllis Ward 2003
PQ32 Hindley Phyllis Ward Talbot 2003
GR21D Hinton Stephen Geoffrey 2005
GR21D Hinton Vivienne Maude 2005
PR07 Hobday Laura 2009
MIR07 Hobday Laura 2009
MIC19 Hobden Alice  1963
PD07 Hobden Archibald 1945
MID07 Hobden Archibald 1945
PC19 Hobden Harry 1944
MIC19 Hobden Harry 1944
MID07 Hobden [indecipherable]  
PM18 Hobden John Ernest 1988
MIM18 Hobden John Ernest 1988
PM18 Hobden Winifred Rosa 1982
MIM18 Hobden Winifred Rosa 1982
MIG05 Hodgkins Nellie 1986
PG05 Hodgkins Nellie 1986
PG05 Hodgkins William George 1956
MIG05 Hodgkins William George "Billy" 1956
PK30 Hodgkinson Frances  
MIK30 Hodgkinson Frances 1972
PD25 Holden Hannah Maria 1943
PD25 Holden Henry William 1953
PN03 Holland Jean Elizabeth 1994
MIN03 Holland Jean Elizabeth 1994
PN03 Holland Richard Leslie 1988
MIN03 Holland Richard Leslie 1988
PB10 Holmes F.T. 1949
PR26 Holness Ernest Stephen 2004
MIR26 Holness Ernest Stephen 2004
PR26 Holness Kathleen Beatrice 2003
MIR26 Holness Kathleen Beatrice 2003
PE07A Holter Alfred 1954
MIE07A Holter Alfred James 1953
MIE07A Holter Charlotte Ellen 1967
PM05 Holter Cyril Albert 1984
MIM05 Holter Cyril Albert 1984
MIM05 Holter Florence Nora 2003
PM05 Holter Florence Norah 2003
MID18 Honeysett Alfred William 1946
MID18 Honeysett Eliza Ellen 1957
MIC33 Hooper Alice 1972
PC33 Hooper Charles Henry 1947
MIC33 Hooper Charles Henry 1947
GR9G Hopper Austin Mark 1973
GR9G Hopper Emily Rose 1994
PH23 Horton Daisy 1962
MIH23 Horton Daisy 1962
PA06 Horton   1940
GR12F Hotching William Edward 1997
MII06 Howell Amy Ann 1969
MII06 Howell Henry Trayton 1968
PA16 Howell Mary Ann 1953
MIA16 Howell Mary Ann 1953
PA16 Howell Walter 1941
MIA16 Howell Walter  
PI06 Howell    
PH33 Howorth Florence Emily 1985
MIH33 Howorth Florence Emily 1985
PH33 Howorth Percy 1962
MIH33 Howorth Percy 1962
MIE30 Huggett Daisy Alice 1950
PE30 Huggett Daisy Alice 1950
MIE30 Huggett Dennett 1955
PE30 Huggett Mabel Frances 1950
GR5E Hughes David J 1989
GR5E Hughes Mary 1996
PM11 Humphrey Dorsi 1982
PD18 Hunisett Alfred William 1946
PD18 Hunisett Eliza Ellen 1957
PI31 Hunt Annie Marion 1974
MII31 Hunt Annie Marion 1074
PI31 Hunt Frederick George 1966
MII31 Hunt Margaret  
PI31 Hunt Margaret  2000
PP30 Hunt Ralph Hemsley 1993
MIP30 Hunt Ralph Hemsley 1993
PM13 Hutson Annie 1982