New Churchyard - Surnames A and B



This page contains surnames starting with A and B found on the grave stones and plaques in the New Churchyard and the names listed in the Parish Burial Records. In some cases we have a Monumental Inscription (in purple, row prefixed with MI), sometimes a Parish Record (in green, row prefixed with P), sometimes a Garden of Remembrance inscription (in red, row prefixed with GR) and sometimes any combination of the three. Beware! The parish records do not always agree totally with inscriptions and sometimes the information is totally different.
Along with the names is the year of death. This is to help you decide if the person listed is likely to be the one you are looking for. If there is no year of death given, then it is probable that the person is listed as a relative of the deceased.
If you find a name you are interested in, you may e-mail the site at

giving the appropriate name(s) and plot reference number(s). We will then send you the information we have.




Row Surname Forename(s) Year of Death
PF09 Acott Archibald 1954
MIF09 Acott Archie 1954
PF09 Acott Robin 2002
MIF09 Acott Robin 2002
MIH04 Addenbrooke Elleanor  
MIH04 Addenbrooke Joseph Saunders  
PH04 Addenbrooke Joseph Terence 1960
MIH04 Addenbrooke Joseph Terence 1960
PL29 Agnew Kathleen Winifred 1975
MIL29 Agnew Kathleen Winifred (Smith) 1975
MIF04 Ainsworth Doris 2002
PF04 Ainsworth Doris Agnes 2002
PE07 Akehurst Arthur Frederick 1987
MIE07 Akehurst Eileen 1959
PE07 Akehurst Eileen 1959
PE07 Akehurst William 1954
MIE07 Akehurst William George 1954
MIG08 Alcorn Irene M 2001
PD21 Aldridge Charles Alexander 1947
MIP04 Allcorn Herbert H.H. 1997
PP04 Allcorn Hubert Henry Hope 1997
MIP04 Allcorn Julia M 2001
PP04 Allcorn Julia May 2005
MII30? Allcorn Kate 1967
PI33 Allcorn 1966
PN33 Allen Ada Lilian 1984
MIN33 Allen Ada Lilian 1984
PN33 Allen Francis Kenneth 1989
MIN33 Allen Francis Kenneth 1989
GRA25 Allwright David Arthur 1981
PLexA Amiet Lucy 1980
GRG8 Amos Herbert Cyril 1992
GRG8 Amos Violet May 1995
MIE29 Andrews Herbert 1950
PE29 Andrews Herbert    1950
PH01 Andrews John Harold 1959
MIH01 Andrews John Harold 1959
PA10 Andrews William Henry 1940
PJ18 Anscombe Elizabeth 1968
PN25 Anscombe Kenneth Cecil 1985
MIN25 Anscombe Kenneth Cecil 1985
PJ18 Anscombe Peter Joe 1990
MIJ18 Anscombe Peter Joe 1990
MIJ18 Anscombe Rose L.E. 1968
PH22 Armes Charles Alfred 1961
MIH22 Armes Charles Alfred 1961
PH22 Armes Doris Anne 2001
MIH22 Armes Doris Annie 2001
PK13 Arnold Elizabeth Emily
MIA32 Ashdown Amos Robert 1967
PA32 Ashdown Amos Robert "not in register" 1947
PA32 Ashdown Annie 1947
MIA32 Ashdown Annie 1947
PM15 Ashdown Ellen 1982
PG22 Ashdown Frederick James 1958
PK18 Austin Florence Elizabeth
MIK18 Austin Florence Elizabeth 1974
PE05 Babchuk Jean Eileen 2009
MIH05 Baker Irene L.M. 1964
MIH05 Baker William E.G. 1960
PH05 Baker William Ernest George 1960
GRF24 Baldwin Jean 2009
PP32 Ball Brian 1990
MIP32 Ball Brian 1990
PB09 Ballard Eliza Jane 1951
PB09 Ballard John 1942
PB36 Banks Frederick Henry 1947
MIB36 Banks Fredrick Henry 1947
PB36 Banks Priscilla 1947
MIB36 Banks Priscilla 1947
MIM07 Barber Alfred 1983
PM07 Barber Alfred Edward 1983
PM07 Barber Kathleen 1988
MIM07 Barber Kathleen 1988
GRC12 Barker John Arthur 1997
PL17 Barlow
PL33 Barlow Rose Amelia 1980
PM26 Barnes Ernest Leslie 1981
MIM26 Barnes Ernest Leslie 1981
PD30 Barnes Frank 1948
MID30 Barnes Frank 1948
PM26 Barnes Ivy Gladys 1990
MIM26 Barnes Ivy Gladys 1998
GR20A Barnes Josephine 2005
GRD13 Barnett Jack 1997
MIE12 Barnett Mary Eliza 1950
PE12 Barnett Mary Eliza 1950
GRD13 Barnett Norma Mary 2003
PE12 Barnett Stephen James 1958
PB24 Barrow Hetty Grace 1968
MIB24 Barrow Hetty Grace 1968
MIB24 Barrow Philip Claude 1942
PB24 Barrow Phillip Claud 1942
PH19 Bartlett Christiana 1961
MIH19 Bartlett Christiana 1961
PB27 Bartlett Frank Albert 1964
MIB27 Bartlett Frank Albert 1964
PB27 Bartlett James Albert 1949
MIB27 Bartlett James Albert 1949
PO23 Bartlett Simon James 1991
MIO23 Bartlett Simon James 1991
PE18 Basket Daisy Winifred 1951
MIE18 Baskett Daisy Winifred 1951
PN18 Baskett Donald William 1986
MIN18 Baskett Donald William 1986
MIN18 Baskett Evelyn Maud 1997
PN18 Baskett Evelyn Maude 1997
PJ15 Bateman Dorothy 1968
MIJ15 Bateman Dorothy 1968
GRD2 Beck Geoffrey Honner 1987
PI05a Beech Leigh Charles 1993
MII05a Beech Leigh Charles 1993
GRB17 Beirne James Michael 2001
PQ06 Beirne James Michael 2001
MIQ18 Bell Mary 1999
PQ18 Bell Monica Mary 1999
GRG10 Bellamy Audrey Margaret 1994
PL16 Bellingham Emily May 1976
PJ27 Bellingham Frank 1971
MIJ27 Bellingham Frank 1970
MIL16 Bellingham May 1976
PJ27 Bellingham Rosa Mary Elizabeth 1980
MIJ27 Bellingham Rosa Mary Elizabeth 1980
PR29 Bending Angela 2001
MIR29 Bending Angela Christine 2001
MIC01A Bending Mark Alexander Grant 1979
PP03 Bennett Marjorie Pogson 2006
GRG13 Berry Colleen Ann 1997
GRE22 Best Roy 2006
PQ08 Bewley Jean Frances 2002
MIQ08 Bewley Jean Frances 2002
PK31 Biggs Henry Arthur
MIK31 Biggs Henry Arthur 1971
PK31 Biggs Rosetta
MIK31 Biggs Rosetta 1993
PA24 Birkins "not in register" 1958
PG29 Bishop Lionel Bertram 1957
PJ10 Bisping Mary Elizabeth 1967
MIO13 Blaber Albert "Bert" 1992
PO13 Blaber Albert Henry Harold 1992
MIO13 Blaber Grace Francis "Frankie" 2008
MIE30 Blaber Madeline Renee 1990
PE30 Blaber Madeline Renee 1990
PD35 Blakeway Emma 1949
MID35 Blakeway Emma 1949
GRB23 Blandford Cyril Mark 2009
GRD7 Blaydes Mary Angela 1992
PP26 Bleach Eleanor Jane Otley 1994
MIP26 Bleach Eleanor Jane Otley 1994
MIP26 Bleach George William 1984
PK14 Blunt Clement Oscar
MIK14 Blunt Clement Oscar 1974
PN14 Blunt Doris Annie 2010
PN14 Blunt Edward James 1986
MIN14 Blunt Edward James "Ted" 1986
PC31 Blunt John 1946
MIC31 Blunt John 1946
PL27 Blunt John William 1975
MIL27 Blunt John William "Jack" 1975
PC31 Blunt Susan 1961
MIC31 Blunt Susan 1961
GRD20 Board Phyllis Doreen 2004
GRE25 Bolingbroke Sharon Potter 2011
PJ21 Bolton Cecily Edith 2010
MIJ21 Bolton William James 1979
MIR22 Booth Ellalaine 2003
PR22 Booth Mildred Ellalaine 2003
PP07 Bound Herbert 1996
MIP07 Bound Herbert Edwin 1996
PM17 Bourchier Ethel 1982
MIM17 Bourchier Ethel 1982
MID09 Bourn Arthur 1945
PD09 Bourne Arthur 1945
MIA13 Bourne Emily 1948
GRG19 Bourne Ronald Leslie 2002
PA13 Bourne 1941
PJ19 Bowles Phoebe Mary 1969
PQ31 Bradbury Frances Carol 1997
MIQ31 Bradbury Frances Carol "Jo" 1997
MID06 Bradbury Mabel
PD06 Bradbury Patricia Mary 2006
MID06 Bradbury Patricia Mary 2006
PP08 Bradbury Peter Greville 1996
MIP08 Bradbury Peter Greville 1996
PD06 Bradbury Thomas George 1945
MID06 Bradbury Thomas George 1945
MID06 Bradbury Thomas Xavier 1941
GRG1 Bramson Roy Edward Thomas 1986
PO27 Bransgrove Maurice Charles 1990
MIO27 Bransgrove Maurice Charles 1990
PI20 Breffit George Suton 1965
PI21 Breffit Mary Dorothea 1975
MII20 Breffit Mollie 1975
MII20 Breffit Reginald 1976
PI21 Breffit Reginald Ernest 1976
MII20 Breffit Simon 1965
PK33 Brickell Daisy Ella
MIK33 Brickell Daisy Ella 1980
PH16 Brickell Lilian May 1961
MIH16 Brickell Lilian May 1961
PK33 Brickell Mary Mansell 1971
MIK33 Brickell Mary Mansell (Polly)
PE35 Briggs Charles Edward 1950
MIP17 Brinkhurst Arthur 2002
PP17 Brinkhurst Arthur  2002
PC29 Brinkhurst Ellan 1946
PG25 Brinkhurst George 1957
MIG25 Brinkhurst George William 1957
PP17 Brinkhurst Gladys Winifred 1996
MIP17 Brinkhurst Gladys Winifred 1996
MIC29 Brinkhurst Helen 1946
PC29 Brinkhurst James 1945
MIC29 Brinkhurst James 1945
MIK08 Broadway David James 1988
PK08 Broadway David James  
PR06 Broadway Rebecca Jessie 2009
PK08 Broadway Rose Margaret 1976
MIK08 Broadway Rose Margaret 1978
GRB5 Brockhurst George Charles 1994
MIO25 Brockhurst Heather 1991
PO25 Brockhurst Heather Carolyn 1991
GRB5 Brockhurst Mabel Doris 1990
PP20 Brooke Barbara 1995
MIP20 Brooke Barbara 1995
PG37 Brooks H 1955
PG09 Brooks James Walter 1957
GRF2 Brown Alfred Ernest 1987
MIIxx Brown Beryl 1964
PI14 Brown Susannah 1964
MIQ05 Brown William (Bill) 2008
GRC4 Brown William James 1989
PQ05 Brown William Richard 2008
GRD4 Browne Joseph Dennis 1989
GRC10 Brownridge Carlene Annie 2001
GRC10 Brownridge Donald Hugh 1995
PD19 Bryant Frederick William 1946
PD19 Bryant Rose Ellen 1956
PC10 Buckwell Charles 1946
PC10 Buckwell Clara Maria 1943
MIC10 Buckwell Clara Maria 1943
PC04 Buckwell Clara Rose 1943
MIC04 Buckwell Clara Rose 1943
PD03 Buckwell Dorothy Edith 1947
MID03 Buckwell Dorothy Edith 1947
PC04 Buckwell John Samuel 1949
MIC04 Buckwell John Samuel 1949
MIC10 Buckwell P.O.Horace E.S. R.N. 1940
MIC10 Buckwell Stephen Charles Horace 1946
PO16 Budd Henry Percy 1991
MIO16 Budd Henry Percy 1991
MIO16 Budd Majorie Doris 2007
PO16 Budd Marjorie Doris 2007
PL33 Bukin Florence Louisa 1975
PL33 Bukin Rose Amelia Barlow 1980
PH02 Bundy Elsie 1979
MIH02 Bundy Elsie 1979
PK26 Bundy Frederick James
MIK26 Bundy Frederick James 1993
PH02 Bundy Henry James 1959
MIH02 Bundy Henry James 1959
PK26 Bundy Joyce Mary
MIK26 Bundy Joyce Mary 1972
PC08 Burfield Caleb 1943
MIC08 Burfield Caleb 1943
PC08 Burfield Emma Maria 1957
MIC08 Burfield Emma Maria 1957
GRB8 Burgess Alf 1975
GRB8 Burgess Gertie 1993
MIK16 Burgis Norman Leslie Sewell 1979
MIK16 Burgis 1974
PK16 Burgiss Norman Leslie Sewell 1979
PK16 Burgiss Winifred
PM21 Burrows Margery Ellen 1981
MIM21 Burrows Marjorie Ellen 1981
PE10 Burtenshaw Richard 1950
GRC17 Burton Andrew Philip 2001
PN05 Butcher Hugh 1988
MIN05 Butcher Hugh 1988
MIN05 Butcher Joy 2006
PN05 Butcher Patricia Joy 2006
PM34 Butchers Stuart 1989
PJ01 Butterworth Ellen Mary 2006
MIJ01 Butterworth Ellen Mary 2005
PJ01 Butterworth Eric Taylor 2000
MIJ01 Butterworth Eric Taylor 2000
PJ01 Butterworth Hilda Dorothea 1979
MIJ01 Butterworth Hilda Dorothea 1979