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Between 1982 and 1986 Ringmer History Study Group (RHSG) produced 4 volumes of articles on Ringmer and the surrounding area, and on topics of interest to local historians. A fifth volume was planned and the articles written, but owing to various circumstances it never saw the light of day. These volumes have long been out of print and although they do turn up from time to time, the supply is never equal to the demand. It has therefore been decided to make all 4 volumes available on this website.


Before you start reading any of the articles, a few words of warning:


1.       Please remember that they were written up to 30 years ago. There may be more information available now, and some things, which may have appeared to be correct at the time of writing, may now be known to be different.


2.       Some of the articles have been scanned and are in pdf format. This means that the files are images rather than documents.

Originally the articles were typed on a typewriter and the reproduction is not sharp. It is therefore not possible to use the search facility under the menu on the left-hand side of the website to search the files for a name or topic. If anyone is willing to transcribe any of the articles into a Word document, we will be happy to use it in preference to the pdf. This would make the information much more easily available to everyone. Before you start, do drop a line stating your intention to as we’d hate you to find out someone else was already transcribing the same article. Volume 1 is already being transcribed – more help would be much appreciated.


Articles will appear as time allows. We will try to get some of the articles updated, but not all the original authors are still with us.
Ringmer History No. 1.
Around the Parish Boundaries by John Kay
Clayhill House by John Kay
Ringmer History No. 2.


Ringmer in World War II by Albert Jenkins
Ringmer History No. 3.
Ringmer History No. 4.
The Ringmer Vicarage Sex Murder Mystery by John Kay
Clarence Tritton: A Man to Remember by Eric Butterworth
The People's Bell by Caroline Randall & Michelle Barnes
Bell Casting in the Seventeenth Century by W. Heneage Legge
Walecote: A British Settlement in an Anglo-Saxon Estate? by John Bleach
The Sad Plight of David Hayler by Margaret Diggle
Memorandums Relating to the Broile Park, October 1766 by John Elliot
CORRESPONDENCE - Bentley from Mrs. G.L. Berry & Mr. F. Lessiter
N.B. Links will be attached to these articles as time allows.