Chairmen of Ringmer Parish Council


This list is believed to be complete since the formation of the Parish Council in 1895.


1894-1896 William Langham Christie Glyndebourne House Gent
1896-1910 John Porter Park House (Ringmer Park) Farmer, tenant to Mr W.L. Christie
1910-1911 Dr William Heneage Legge Old Malthouse, Lewes Road Village doctor, died in office
1911-1917 George Lovering Andrew Clayhill House Farmer
1917-1922 Rev George Robson Leefe Vicarage Vicar of Ringmer 1916-1927
1922-1925 William Avis Rushey Green


1925-1934 Charles Frederick Russell Lower Lodge Farm Farmer/landowner
1934-1935 John Craig Gote Farm Farm bailiff to Mr John Christie
1935-1937 Major E.W. MacDonald Elm Court Military gent, died in office
1937-1940 John Craig Gote Farm Farm bailiff to Mr John Christie
1940-1946 Hon Henry G.G. Pelham Merton Cottage, Vicarage Way Gent
1946-1954 John Craig Gote Farm Farmer
1954-1955 Arthur R. Hooper Glenlaugh, Ringmer Green Butcher
1955-1958 Raymond S. Elphick Fingerpost Farm Farmer
1958-1959 George Dallimore Self School House Schoolmaster
1959-1961 Miss Mabel Raymonde-Hawkins Raystede, The Broyle Founder of animal sanctuary, first female chairman
1961-1964 Captain Arthur Peters Plashett Park Farm Farmer
1964-1967 Arthur Robert (Bob) Peters Plashett Park Farm Farmer
1967-1980 H. Clifford Hunt White Moss, Gote Lane Coal merchant in Lewes
1980-1982 Jack A. Hart Birnam, Laughton Road Electricity company manager
1982-1987 Mrs. M. Anne Stamper The Firs, Lewes Road Lecturer
1987-2002 John C. Fletcher 48 Ballard Drive, Ringmer

Chartered engineer

2002-2010 Arthur Robert (Bob) Peters Plashett Park Farm Farmer
2010-2015 John Kay Fair Meadow,
Rushey Green
University lecturer
2015 - Martin Whitlock Millside, Rushey Green Retired Police Officer



This list was originally compiled by John Kay