A Ringmer Bibliography


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The quiet revolution : social change in a Sussex village, 1871-1971

Chatto & Windus for Sussex University Press, 1974

ISBN:0 85621 034 X

A study of the social and economic changes which have taken place in Ringmer over 100 years.
BRIDGER, Geoffrey

Valiant hearts of Ringmer : Ringmer village war memorial

Ammonite Press, 1993

ISBN: 1 898626 00 6 £9.95

Biographies and military activities of the 52 servicemen of both World Wars who are named on the Ringmer war memorial.
The CIVIL Parish of Ringmer, East Sussex :

1:12 500 - 5ins to 1 mile - 8cm to 1 km

The Parish Maps Company, 2006

Map based on 2005 Ordnance Survey with Ringmer in the centre of the page. Contains an insert of a street plan of the centre of the village.
MOON, George

A gardener's tale : George Moon's early days in the Ringmer area and working life as a gardener / edited by Susan Rowland

Author, 1997

ISBN: 1 898950075 £4.95
'ONE of the best schools in the District...' :

the story of Ringmer School / edited by Anna Beckwith

Fair Meadow Press, 1999

ISBN: 09535645 0 9

Extracts from The Managers' Minutes and Log Books of Ringmer School. Contains photographs.
PARISH church of St Mary the Virgin, Ringmer, East Sussex : monumental inscriptions / collected by members of the Ringmer History Study Group, 1989-1999

Ringmer History Study Group, 1999

Monumental inscriptions from the old churchyard and inside the church.
RICKMAN, Sarah Horne

Ringmer, the Springetts, and the Penns : a chapter of Sussex history

Author, 1894

A walk around Ringmer

Author, 1999

ISBN: 0 9536853 0 6

An illustrated walk around Ringmer produced by the Evening WI to celebrate the millennium
RINGMER history No 1 / edited by John Kay and John Bleach

Ringmer History Study Group, 1982

Contents: Around the parish boundaries; Ringmer school in the twenties; Plashett Park Farm almost 100 years ago; Ringmer Poor in Chailey Union, 1835-1841; Clayhill House; Confessions of a deltiologist; Medieval potters of Ringmer; Hedge dating and the Potters Fields in Ringmer
RINGMER history No 2 / edited by John Kay and John Bleach

Ringmer History Study Group, 1983

Contents: Ringmer in World War II; Some glimpses of parish life; The Chailey Union, 1858-1873; Early Lords of Glynde; Dr. William Heneage Legge; Ringmer Park; Ringmer Park - The last four hundred years; Hedge dating at Ringmer Park; Identification of trees and shrubs for hedge dating
RINGMER history No 3 / edited by John Kay and John Bleach

Ringmer History Study Group, 1984

Contents: The rural scene in Ringmer before the Great War; Problem families in Victorian Ringmer; Two hundred years of education in Glynde, 1765-1965; Ringmer Parish Magazines; Tilting at wyndmylls; The deserted medieval settlement of Wyke; The Gage family at Bentley; Moor Lane and Neaves Lane, Ringmer - the hedges
RINGMER history No 4 / edited by John Kay and John Bleach

Ringmer History Study Group, 1986

Contents: The Ringmer Vicarage sex murder mystery; Clarence Tritton: A man to remember; Ringmer transformed; The people's bell; Bell casting in the seventeenth century; Walecote: a British settlement in an Anlgo-Saxon estate?; The sad plight of David Hayler; Memorandums relating to the Broile Park, October 1766; Correspondence - Bentley

Ringmer's footpaths : a guide to rights of way in the Parish of Ringmer

4th ed. completely revised edition of 'Ringmer paths'

Ringmer Parish Council, 2003

A centenary celebration of Ringmer Football Club : 1905-2005

The Author, 2005

Over 250 pages of stories, photographs and complete listings of the club's match results in the Sussex County League and all local and national Cup competitions plus the story of its contribution to the social life of the village.
STAMPER, Anne and John

Ringmer paths : a guide to the public rights of way in the Parish of Ringmer

Ringmer Parish Council, 3rd edition, 1991. Originally published: 1974

This guide contains maps and descriptions of all the footpaths and bridle paths in the Parish of Ringmer which are shown on the Definitive Map held by the County Council.
STAMPER, Anne and John

A short guide to the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Ringmer, E Sussex



Church guide
The VILLAGE of Ringmer :

its Church and Glyndebourne : an illustrated guide

[no date of publication]

Guide to the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Ringmer (includes some history of the village and its buildings)