New Churchyard - Surnames E and F


This page contains surnames starting with E and F found on the grave stones and plaques in the New Churchyard and the names listed in the Parish Burial Records. In some cases we have a Monumental Inscription (in purple, row prefixed with MI), sometimes a Parish Record (in green, row prefixed with P), sometimes a Garden of Remembrance inscription (in red, row prefixed with GR) and sometimes any combination of the three. Beware! The parish records do not always agree totally with inscriptions and sometimes the information is totally different.
Along with the names is the year of death. This is to help you decide if the person listed is likely to be the one you are looking for. If there is no year of death given, then it is probable that the person is listed as a relative of the deceased.
If you find a name you are interested in, you may e-mail the site at

giving the appropriate name(s) and plot reference number(s). We will then send you the information we have.


Row Surname Forename(s) Year of Death
MII18 Eade Elizabeth Ellen 1965
MII18 Eade Ernest Charles 1976
MIF10 Eade Florence M 1954
PF10 Eade Florence Mabel 1967
PH35 Eade Frederick 1963
PF10 Eade Gertrude 1954
MIF10 Eade Gertrude 1967
PI18 Eade 1962
MID34 Ealden Frank Frederick 1962
MID34 Ealden Rose Elizabeth 1949
PD34 Ealden 1949
PL08 Eames Charles Arthur Orlando 1977
MIL08 Eames Charles Arthur 1977
GRE12 Eastall Gladys May 2008
GRE12 Eastall Kenneth Gordon 1997
MIL19 Eddy Edward A (Tony) 1976
PL19 Eddy Edward Anthony 1976
MIJ02 Edwards Lily May
PO22 Elcock Evelyn Alice 1991
MIO22 Elcock Evelyn Alice 1991
PH11 Ellett 1961
PG33 Ellicott Mary Ann Lee 1956
PK03 Ellis Alan John 1979
MIK03 Ellis Alan John 1979
PI04 Ellis Alfred William 1968
MII04 Ellis Alfred William 1967
MII04 Ellis Ellen 1963
PF36 Ellis Ellen Louisa 1951
MIF36 Ellis Ellen Louisa 1951
PG11 Ellis George 1957
MIG11 Ellis George 1957
MID12 Ellis George John 1961
PG11 Ellis Harriet Frances 1963
MIG11 Ellis Harriett Frances 1963
PD12 Ellis Mary Ann 1945
MID12 Ellis Mary Ann 1945
PI04 Ellis 1963
GRB4 Eteen Linda Elizabeth 1989
MIO34 Evans Amanda 2012
PC01 Evans Frank 1943
MIC01 Evans Frank 1943
PF15 Evans Nellie 1980
MIF15 Evans Nellie 1980
GRF13 Evans Peggy 2011
PF15 Evans Richard 1954
MIF15 Evans Richard 1954
MIO34 Evans Richard 1992
PO34 Evans Richard Albert 1992
GRF13 Evans Thomas  1997
PN23 Fage Ethel Phoebe 1985
MIN23 Fage Ethel Phoebe 1985
PN23 Fage Stanley George 1994
MIN23 Fage Stanley George 1994
MIE08 Fidgen Sidney Charles 1950
PE08 Fidgen Sidney Charles 1950
PA03 Fielder Mary 1939
PA03 Fielder Rita Robins 1948
PQ06 Fletcher John Cedric 2006
MIQ06 Fletcher John Cedric 2006
PA01 Follis 1938
PN32 Foord Doris Kathleen 1984
MIN32 Foord Doris Kathleen 1984
PC03 Foord Edward 1956
MIC03 Foord Edward 1956
PC03 Foord Ellen Elizabeth 1943
MIC03 Foord Ellen Elizabeth 1943
PF34 Foord Emma 1952
MIF34 Foord Emma 1952
PJ07 Foord Emma 1987
MIJ07 Foord Emma Cis 1987
PH13 Foord Florence Gertrude 1961
PH32 Foord Florence May 1989
MIH32 Foord Florence May 1989
MIF34 Foord Frank 1917
PF34 Foord Fred 1957
MIF34 Foord Fred 1957
MIF34 Foord George Fred 1916
MIH13 Foord Gertrude Florence 1961
PH32 Foord Gilbert 1962
MIH32 Foord Gilbert 1962
PB02 Foord James 1939
MIB02 Foord James 1939
PN06 Foord James Frederick 1988
MIN06 Foord James Frederick 1988
MIH13 Foord James Sexton 1975
MIN06 Foord Joan Irene 1961
PP23 Foord Leonard Gerald 1995
MIP23 Foord Leonard Gerald 1995
PO02 Foord Leslie George 2006
MIO02 Foord Leslie George 2006
PF24 Foord P E G 1954
MIF24 Foord Peggy Beatrice 1954
PS31 Foord Robert John 2009
MIB02 Foord Ruth R 1956
PB02 Foord Ruth Rebecca 1956
PJ07 Foord Thomas George 1966
MIJ07 Foord Thomas George 1966
PF34 Foord Violet May 1992
PF23 Ford Alice Mary 1963
GRG12 Ford Anthony (Tony) 1996
PC22 Ford Emily Susan 1944
PL10 Ford Francis Alfred George 2004
MIL10 Ford Frank 2004
PH26 Ford Hannah Louisa 1962
PM23 Ford Henry Joseph 1981
MIM23 Ford Henry Joseph 1981
MIF23 Ford John 1954
PF23 Ford John Reginald 1954
PE24 Ford John Richard 1951
PM23 Ford Mabel Naomi 2002
MIM23 Ford Mabel Naomi 2002
PE26 Ford Martha 1951
MIF35 Ford Percy H 1952
PF35 Ford Percy Henry 1952
PL10 Ford Suzanne 1976
MIL10 Ford Suzanne 1976
PE26 Ford Thomas 1954
PB32 Ford William Peter 1946
PI22 Fortens Charlotte Mary 1965
MII22 Fortens Charlotte Mary 1965
PO33 Fowler Christine Janet 1992
MIO33 Fowler Christine Janet 1992
GRF1 Fowler Marguerita 1993
MIH25 French Annie 1975
PH25 French Annie    1975
MII03 French Doris A 1992
PI03 French Doris Audrey 1992
MIC23 French Florence 1069
PC23 French Florence Emily 1969
PH25 French Frederick John 1962
MIH25 French Frederick John 1962
PC23 French Harold 1944
MIC23 French Harold Lewis 1944
MII03 French William J 1963
PI03 French William James 1963
GRC5 Frost Harriett 1998
PK12 Fuidge Herbert George
MIK12 Fuidge Herbert George 1974
PK12 Fuidge Lilian Mary
MIK12 Fuidge Lilian Mary 1987
MIF27 Fuller Albert Edward 1953
PF27 Fuller Beatrice Maud 1963
PP13 Fuller Charles Leslie 1996
MIP13 Fuller Charles Leslie 1996
PF27 Fuller Edith Emily 1963
MIF27 Fuller Edith Emily 1963
MIN35 Fuller Eleanor Lechmere 1989
PN35 Fuller Eleanor Lechmere 1989
GRB22 Fuller Jenny 2007
PN35 Fuller Stuart Harry Walne 1996
MIN35 Fuller Stuart Harry Walne 1996
MIG17 Funnell Emily 1962
PG17 Funnell Emily 1962
MIG17 Funnell Robert 1959
PG17 Funnell Robert 1959
PC34 Funnell 1947
PO15 Furner Audrey 1992
MIE22 Furner Frederick John 1952
PE22 Furner 1942