New Churchyard - Surnames C and D


This page contains surnames starting with C and D found on the grave stones and plaques in the New Churchyard and the names listed in the Parish Burial Records. In some cases we have a Monumental Inscription (in purple, row prefixed with MI), sometimes a Parish Record (in green, row prefixed with P), sometimes a Garden of Remembrance inscription (in red, row prefixed with GR) and sometimes any combination of the three. Beware! The parish records do not always agree totally with inscriptions and sometimes the information is totally different.
Along with the names is the year of death. This is to help you decide if the person listed is likely to be the one you are looking for. If there is no year of death given, then it is probable that the person is listed as a relative of the deceased.
If you find a name you are interested in, you may e-mail the site at

giving the appropriate name(s) and plot reference number(s). We will then send you the information we have.



Row Surname Forename(s) Year of Death
GRA11 Campbell Beryl Ednor 2002
PC09 Campbell Colin Douglas 1943
MIC09 Campbell Colin Douglas 1943
GRA11 Campbell Colin M. H. 1996
MIC09 Campbell Helen Maud 1979
PI13 Cannon Annie 1964
MIR25 Cannon Edith 2003
PR25 Cannon Edith Maud 2003
MIG01 Care Arthur H 1955
MIG01 Care Gladys M 1977
PG01 Care Harold Arthur 1955
MIE23 Carey Ada Annie 1951
PE23 Carey Ada Annie 1951
MIE23 Carey Charles Edward 1974
PD23 Carey Kate 1950
PD10 Carey 1945
PF18 Carpenter Ruth 1955
MIF18 Carpenter Ruth 1955
GRD3 Carpenter Thomas Alfred 1988
PR19 Carter Cyril Nicklin 2004
MIR19 Carter Cyril Nicklin 2004
MIG30 Carter Ernest J 1956
PG30 Carter Ernest John 1957
MIL36 Carter Harry 1994
PL36 Carter Henry (aka Harry) 1994
PR19 Carter Lydia 2007
MIR19 Carter Lydia 2007
PL36 Carter Marjorie Elizabeth 1989
MIL36 Carter Marjorie Elizabeth "Betty" 1989
GRA5 Carter Richard James 1990
GRA5 Carter Ruth Bridget 2006
GRE3 Carver Derek Bruce 1988
PP11 Chamberlen Lillian Margaret 1996
MIP11 Chamberlen Lillian Margaret 1996
PO20 Charman Frances May 1997
MIO20 Charman Francis May 1997
MIO20 Charman Fred 1995
MID14 Charman Frederick 1965
PO20 Charman Frederick 1995
GRA19 Charman Jack 2003
GRA19 Charman Jose  2010
PD14 Charman Sarah Ann 1945
MID14 Charman Sarah Ann 1945
MIO20 Charman Stanley Maurice 2006
PD14 Charman Vera Rebecca 1989
PM29 Chatfield Grace 1980
PD24 Cheeseman Alfred 1950
MID24 Cheeseman Alfred 1950
PD24 Cheeseman Annie 1948
MID24 Cheeseman Annie 1948
MIL10 Cheeseman Rose 1995
PL10 Cheeseman Rose Florence 1976
PL10 Cheeseman W 1979
PL10 Cheeseman William   1978
MIL10 Cheeseman William   1978
GRF15 Cheesmur Mark Richard 1999
PF05 Cherryman Arthur Richard 1953
MIF04 Church Ivy 1998
PF04 Church Ivy Elizabeth Mary 1998
PP25 Claridge Eleanor Joan 2008
MIP25 Claridge Eleanor Joan 2008
PP25 Claridge Harold George 1994
MIP25 Claridge Harold George 1994
PH07 Clark Annie Elizabeth 1962
MIH07 Clark Annie Elizabeth 1962
GRF14 Clark Ethel Louisa 2009
MIE14 Clark Frank 1954
MIH07 Clark John 1960
GRG2 Clark John Gordon 1987
GRF21 Clark Margorie 2006
MIE14 Clark Ellen 1951
GRG2 Clark John Gordon 1987
GRF21 Clark Margorie 2006
GRF21 Clark Nobby 1971
GRF14 Clark Robert Leslie 1998
MIC16 Clarke Alice Mabel 1972
PE14 Clarke Frank Avis 1954
MIC16 Clarke Stephen 1944
PC16 Clarke 1944
PN10 Claxton Margaret 2008
MIN10 Claxton Margaret 2008
PD22 Claxton Norah 1948
MID22 Claxton Norah 1948
GRA17 Cleghorn Douglas A.J. 2001
PN24 Clement Robert Charles Edward 1985
MIN24 Clement Robert Charles Edward 1985
GRD25 Colbourne Percy 2010
GRD25 Colbourne Violet 2010
MIF25 Colebrooke-Taylor Harry Wilfred Dick 1954
MIG16 Coleman Annie 1959
PG16 Coleman Annie    1959
PS28 Coleman Marjorie Edith 2010
PI23 Coleman Susannah Lily 1965
MII23 Coleman Susannah Lily 1965
MIJ09 Collins Charles
PJ09 Collins Charles William 1967
MIR05 Collins Kenneth Michael 2002
PK34 Collins Margaret 2008
PL11 Collins Patrick 1976
MIL11 Collins Patrick Leslie 1976
GRC18 Collins Kenneth Michael 2002
MIR17 Colquhoun Isobel Munro 2001
MIR17 Colquhoun W.Peter (Dr.) 2005
PR17 Colquhoun William Peter 2005
GRG22 Connacher Donald 2006
PO28 Cook Cyril William 1999
MIO28 Cook Cyril Williams "Bill" 1999
MIO28 Cook Michael William 1959
PM09 Cook Walter George 1983
MIM09 Cook Walter George 1983
PM09 Cook Winifred 1996
PO28 Cook Winifred Joan 1990
MIO28 Cook Winifred Joan 1990
PL28 Cookson Lily  1975
PL28 Cookson Norman 1993
PC11 Coomber 1943
GRG23 Coomber Christopher John 2006
MIP28 Coombes Audrey 1993
PP28 Coombes Audrey May 1993
PL20 Coombs Barnard 1976
MIL19 Coombs Barnard 1976
PL20 Coombs Edith Belle 1978
MIL19 Coombs Edith Belle 1978
PP10 Cooper Edward George 1996
MIP10 Cooper Edward George 1996
PQ23 Cooper Heather Ann 1998
MIQ23 Cooper Heather Ann
PP10 Cooper Stella Amanda 1996
MIP10 Cooper Stella Amanda 2001
PL05 Cope Edith Effie Gertrude 1978
GRC9 Copley Ann 1994
MIB34 Cosham John 1947
PB34 Cosham John  1947
MIB34 Cosham Mary A 1951
PD26 Cottingham Lilian 1948
MIJ30 Couch Elsie Mary 1971
PJ30 Couch Elsie May 1971
PJ30 Couch Reginald 1975
MIJ30 Couch Reginald 1975
PI08 Courage Bertram Frederick 1995
MII08 Courage Bertram Frederick 1995
PI08 Courage Brian John 1968
MII08 Courage Brian John 1963
PI08 Courage Edith Mary 2001
MII08 Courage Edith Mary 2001
PI08 Courage Michael Frederick 1982
MII08 Courage Michael Frederick 1982
MIB03 Coussell Ernest E 1947
PB03 Coussells E.E.
PN28 Cox Alfred Walter 1989
MIN28 Cox Alfred Walter 1989
MIE25 Cox Amy Rhoda 1951
PE25 Cox Amy Rhoda 1951
PN28 Cox Ellen Mary 1984
MIN28 Cox Ellen Mary 1984
PM09 Cox Hilda Mary Rutherford 1982
MIM14 Cox Hilda Mary Rutherford 1982
PD27 Cox Rebecca 1966
MID27 Cox Rebecca 1948
GRF1 Coxill Claudia 1986
MIE07B Craig Janet Cameron 1954
MIE07B Craig John 1980
MIE07B Craig Sarah Smith 1963
PE07A Craig Sarah Smith 1963
PE07A Craig 1954
GRC23 Craig Winifred Rosemary 2009
PN07 Cramb Joseph 1987
MIN07 Cramb Joseph 1987
MIG32 Crawley Hazel Irene Margaret 1990
PG32 Crawley Hazel Irene Margaret 1990
GRF23 Crees Frank Albert 2000
GRF23 Crees Kathleen 2007
GRG14 Crook Charles Ernest 1998
GRG14 Crook Ellen May 2009
PF12 Crossingham Criss 1954
MIF12 Crossingham Criss 1954
MIF12 Crossingham Kate 1956
PB21 Crouch Ada 1942
MIB21 Crouch Ada 1942
PB21  Crouch William Charles 1954
MIB21 Crouch William Charles 1954
PA25 Crowhurst George 1946
MIA25 Crowhurst George 1946
PA25 Crowhurst Julia Emma 1942
MIA25 Crowhurst Julie Emma 1942
GRF7 Crowhurst Andrew Paul 1991
GRC22 Cruttenden Brian James
GRC3 Curry Basil 1991
GRC3 Curry Rachel 2008
GRC3 Curry Sybil 1988
MIH12 Curtis Frank Arthur 1961
PH12 Curtis 1961
GR26G Curtis James William 2011
GRB24 Dadswell Bryan Leonard 2008
GRE9 Dalby Mary Kathryn 1993
PC35 Daniels Ernest Adolphus 1947
MIC35 Daniels Ernest Adolphus 1947
PC35 Daniels Georgina 1976
MIC35 Daniels Georgina 1976
PN15 Davey Dorie Emily 1986
MIN15 Davey Dorie Emily 1986
MIG02 Davis Clarice M 1955
PB34 Davis Emily Jane 1978
MIB34 Davis Emily Jane 1978
PB34 Davis George Edward 1979
MIB34 Davis George Edward 1979
PG02 Davis 1955
GRB13 Davis John W 1998
GRB13 Davis Mark A 1968
PF30 Deacon Agnes Adelaide 1980
MIF30 Deacon Agnes Adelaide Beatrice 1980
PI02 Deacon Arthur 1990
PI02 Deacon Edith 1963
MII02 Deacon Edith 1963
MIO04 Deacon Kathleen Mary 1994
PO04 Deacon Kathleen May 1994
MIF30 Deacon Percy John 1966
PF30 Deacon Peter John 1952
MIF30 Deacon Peter John 1952
PF30 Deacon I 1962
MIB18 Dean Charles 1942
PB18 Dean  Charles 1942
PIex2 Demetriadi
MIK06 Dennis "Les" Joseph Leslie 1977
PG04 Denny Edith Emily 1956
PC24 Digby Alice Jane
MIC24 Digby Alice Jane 1944
PN10 Diggens Rose 1988
MIN10 Diggens Rose 1988
MIF04 Digweed Charles 1952
PF04 Digweed Charles William 1952
MIF04 Digweed Elizabeth Maria 1956
PF04 Digweed Elizabeth Marie 1956
MIF04 Digweed Maria 1956
PF04 Digweed Peter Basil 1998
MIF04 Digweed Peter Basil 1998
MIF04 Digweed Theodore Clement Charles 1952
PN09 Diplock Aubrey 1987
MIN09 Diplock Aubrey 1987
PB01 Diplock Beatrice Esther 1939
MIB01 Diplock Beatrice Esther 1939
MIE28 Diplock David 1950
PD08 Diplock David Charles 1945
PE28 Diplock Emily 1950
PD08 Diplock Hilda Winifred 1945
MIE28 Diplock Lizzie Dorothy 1957
MIN09 Diplock Mary 1996
PN09 Diplock Mary Veronica 1996
PE28 Diplock Thomas George 1958
PB03 Diplock 1963
PD05 Divall Alfred 1948
MID05 Divall Alfred 1948
MIJ14 Divall Charles Thomas 1968
PJ02 Divall Edward 1966
MIJ02 Divall Edward 1966
PJ04 Divall Edwin Thomas 1966
MIJ04 Divall Edwin Thomas
MIE31 Divall Emily 1950
PD05 Divall Minnie 1945
MID05 Divall Minnie 1945
MIJ14 Divall Phoebe Elizabeth 1989
PM08 Divall Phoebe Elizabeth 1989
MIE31 Divall Reginald 1916
MIM08 Divall Stanley 1983
PM08 Divall Stanley Harold 1983
PJ02 Divall Susannah Jessi 1978
MIJ02 Divall Susannah Jessie 1978
MIE31 Divall Thomas George 1958
GRD11 Dobbinson Doreen 1995
PK10 Dodd Frances Muriel 1974
GRC24 Donbroski Ena May 2010
PH24 Donn 1962
PA10 Doughty Lionel John 1948
MIN21 Downey Doris 1985
PN21 Downey Doris Matilda 1985
GRA7 Dowsing Percy 1995
PR30 Doyle Arthur Ernest 2001
MIR30 Doyle Arthur Ernest 2001
PQ30 Drake David Lloyd 2010
MIQ30 Drake Margaret "Jean" 1997
PQ30 Drake Margaret Jean 1997
GRE4 Duffield Wilfred T 1989
PQ01 Dugdale Lilian Madge
MIC18 Dumbrell Emily 1947
PI24 Dunn Margaret Wilson 1967
GRE8 Dunn Peter James
GRD6 Dunstan Dorothy Day 1991
GRD6 Dunstan Edwin Stanley 1980
GRE13 Dymond Dick Peter Burwood 1994
GRE13 Dymond Mary 2009