New Churchyard - Surnames M to N


This page contains surnames starting with M and N found on the grave stones and plaques in the New Churchyard and the names listed in the Parish Burial Records. In some cases we have a Monumental Inscription (in purple, row prefixed with MI), sometimes a Parish Record (in green, row prefixed with P), sometimes a Garden of Remembrance inscription (in red, row prefixed with GR) and sometimes any combination of the three. Beware! The parish records do not always agree totally with inscriptions and sometimes the information is totally different.

Along with the names is the year of death. This is to help you decide if the person listed is likely to be the one you are looking for. If there is no year of death given, then it is probable that the person is listed as a relative of the deceased.
If you find a name you are interested in, you may e-mail the site at

giving the appropriate name(s) and plot reference number(s). We will then send you the information we have. 


Row Surname Forename(s) Year of Death
MIB12 Mac-Bean Florence Mary 1958
MIB12 Mac-Bean William John 1942
PD02 Madgwick   1945
GRF9 Major Colin John 1994
PI02 Major Doreen Gladys 2006
GRF9 Major Doreen Gladys 2006
PC02 Mallett Daisy Florence 1950
MIBC02 Mallett Daisy Florence 1940
MIF21 Manktellow Harry Christopher 1954
PF21 Manktelow Harry 1954
PJ22 Manley Albert George 1971
MIJ22 Manley Albert George 1971
PJ22 Manley Ellen Elizabeth 1969
MIJ22 Manley Ellen Elizabeth 1969
GRF10 Manning Joyce Marie 1994
GRF10 Manning Richard James 1994
PC17 Marchant Charles Alfred 1944
MIC17 Marchant Charles Alfred 1944
PC17 Marchant Ellen Claricia 1984
MIC17 Marchant Ellen Claricia 1984
PP19 Marchant Monty Roy 1995
MIP19 Marchant Monty Roy 1995
GRA9 Marchant Peter Brian 1994
PM04 Mardlin William Thomas 1984
MIM04 Mardlin William Thomas 1984
PC20 Marshall Caroline 1944
PR20 Marshall Paul Nicholas 2004
MIR20 Marshall Paul Nicholas 2004
PD31 Martin Grace 1948
MIC06 Martin Henry 1943
MIF17 Martin Walter George 1955
PC07 Martin James Henry
MIC07 Martin James Henry 1943
PF17 Martin Walter George 1955
MIQ21 Matthews Karen J 1998
PQ21 Matthews Karen Joy 1998
PB12 McBean   1942
PS29 McDougall Cornelius William (Kenny) 2010
PK02 McDougall Neal  
MIK02 McDougall Neal 1980
MIG23 McNeil George 1962
MIG23 McNeil Gladys Elizabeth 1958
PG23 McNeil   1958
PG23 McNeil   1962
GRB18 Medlock Charles 2002
MIR06 Medlock Charles  2002
MIR06 Medlock Margaret  
GRB18 Medlock Margaret 1988
GRF26 Merriott Frank 2012
PK01 Mewett Alison Jane  
MIK01 Mewett Alison Jayne 1982
MIK01 Mewett Michael 2002
PK01 Mewett Michael William  
PK07 Middle Dora Isabella  
MIK07 Middle Dora Isabella 1988
PK07 Middle Marguerite Evaline 1977
MIK07 Middle Marguerite Evaline 1977
MIA30 Mighall Catherine Mary 1946
PA30 Mighall Frederick James 2001
MIA30 Mighall Frederick James 2001
MIA30 Mighall Thomas Edward 1961
PA30 Mighall   1946
PB19 Miller Annie 1942
PR10 Miller Denise Julie 2008
PR27 Miller Donald Clifford 2002
MIG28 Miller Eda 1957
MIR10 Miller Julie 2008
PG28 Miller   1957
GRG18 Milligan Charles C L 2007
MIR01 Milligan Charles C L 2007
MIR01 Milligan Marjorie E 2001
GRG18 Milligan Marjorie E 2001
GRC2 Minns Mick 1987
MIQ14 Mitchell Anthony L 2000
PQ14 Mitchell Anthony Leslie 2000
PQ14 Mitchell Joan Edith Andrena 2006
MIQ14 Mitchell Joan Edith Andrena 2006
PR14 Montgomery Judith Dorothy 2007
MIR14 Montgomery Judith Dorothy 2007
PM33 Moody Frank Ernest 1984
MIM33 Moody Frank Ernest 1984
MIM33 Moody Kathleen (Betty) 2000
PM33 Moody Kathleen Marjorie 2000
PC27 Moon Charles 1949
MIC27 Moon Charles  
MID33 Moon Ellen 1948
PD33 Moon Ellen    1948
MID33 Moon Jasper Henry 1955
MIC27 Moon Mary    1947
PC27 Moon Mary      1947
GRB25 Moon Reg 2010
PS27 Moore William Charles 2010
PJ31 Moores Gladys 1981
MIJ31 Moores Gladys 1981
GRC8 Moores Janet 1993
PJ31 Moores Rowland John 1970
MIJ31 Moores Rowland John 1970
GRA13 Morgan Joyce Muriel 2004
GRD1 Morgan Julia F 2001
GRD1 Morgan Pamela 1986
GRA13 Morgan Peter Frank 1998
PH09 Morris Emily 1961
MIL15 Morriss Margaret 1991
PL15 Morriss Margaret O'Hara 1991
PL15 Morriss Sidney James 1976
MIL15 Morriss Sidney James 1976
PQ12 Mullins Michael John 2000
MIQ12 Mullins Michael John 2000
MIG18 Muzzell Florence Jane 1958
PG18 Muzzell   1958
GR23A Neenan Leonard 2006
PR24 New Elizabeth 2003
MIR24 New Elizabeth (Liz) 2003
GR6C Newman Molly 1991
GR6C Newman Reg 1995
MIE14 Newnham Emily 1974
PA08 Newnham Frederick 1940
MIA08 Newnham Frederick 1940
PC02 Newnham Joseph 1948
MIC02 Newnham Joseph 1948
PC02 Newnham Mary Ann 1943
MIC02 Newnham Mary Ann 1943
MIA08 Newnham May 1950
PC01A Newport Aubrey Oliver 2000
MIC01A Newport Aubrey Oliver 2000
PL03 Newth Stephen Philip 1978
MIL03 Newth Stephen Philip 1978
GR2E Nichols Ernest 1987
GR2E Nichols Vera Kathleen 1999
GR14B Noakes Morris Alan 1999
GR15B Nobbs Michael Francis 2000
GR24A Noel Emile George 1984
GR24A Noel Joan Alice 2009
PN11 Norman Grace 1987
MIN11 Norman Grace 1987
GR11G Norman Phyllis 1995
GR11G Norman Wallace George 1996
PN11 Norman William James 1998
MIN11 Norman William James 1998
PG06 Norris Annie Alice 1956
GR16D Nutt Elizabeth Annie 2001
GR16D Nutt Joseph William 2005