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Ringmer Twinning Association
Twinned with Belgentier in France and Geschwenda in Germany

The aim of the Ringmer Twinning Association is to foster friendship between our community and those in other European countries;
to promote cultural, educational, sporting and  community cohesion and social understanding.

Our  twinning partners are Geschwenda in
Germany and Belgentier in France.
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The village of Belgentier lies in the steep valley of the Fleuve Gapeau (a river running to the sea), just north of Toulon, in the south of France.  There are many narrow streets with interesting features and arches, particularly near the village centre. The river flows through the centre where the main road is lined with a few shops and a very colourful post office

A thriving social calendar includes both chocolate and beer festivals.  There are 25 community groups,  including a baseball team, football team, volleyball team, a tennis club and a musical association. The local olive oil co-operative  produces 21,500 litres of oil each year.

In 1660 Louis XIV and his cortege passed through Belgentier en route to Cotignac, where they were to pay homage to the Virgin.  They stayed overnight in the Chateau de Peiresc.  This event is depicted as a fresco on the wall of the village church, Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption.

Nicolas Claude Fabri de Peiresc, later known just as Peiresc, was probably Belgentier’s most famous inhabitant.  Born in 1580, Peiresc was an antiquary, humanist and influential patron of learning who discovered the Orion Nebula.  He was acquainted with Galileo and Rubens and his work in optics influenced the work of Newton.  The house where Peiresc was born, is now a private residence.

Belgentier enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, where fig, olive and cherry trees flourish.  It is also the starting point for some of the great walking paths in the area.  Situated just 30 minutes from the beaches of the Cote d’Azur, it is also a short drive away from the tourist centres of St. Tropez, Cannes and ‘the city of perfume’ Grasse, as well as the beautiful hill-top villages of Bormes-les-Mimosa and St. Paul-de-Vence, where Marc Chagall is buried.

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Geschwenda, at present little known in Britain, is situated on the edge of the Thüringer Wald (Thüringer Forest), a high plateau of largely unspoilt forest in the heart of Germany.  It lies just east of the old East/West German border and is popular with German tourists, particularly for walking holidays and winter sports.

Geschwenda is seemingly quiet but has an active cultural and social life.  It boasts a kindergarten, a primary school, several shops, restaurants and inns, a sports ground, a tourist office, a local museum and a lovely Lutheran church.

The village has many community groups and organisations, including a local Volunteer Fire Service, which play a very important part in village life as well as a football club.

Not far from Geschwenda, in the Thüringer Wald, is the winter sports resort of Oberhof, which has hosted the Biathlon World championships in addition to other major winter sports events.  In August 2009, the first all-weather ski tunnel in Germany was opened there. In GDR (German Democratic Republic) times this was the main training resort for world famous ski jumpers such as Jens Weißflog.  
North-east of Geschwenda is Erfurt, Thüringen’s capital city with its wonderfully preserved medieval city centre and the Krämerbrücke, Europe’s longest inhabited bridge.

The cathedral (Mariendom) and St Severi church (Severikirche) tower above the magnificent cathedral square. Germany’s third oldest university was founded here in 1392.

There are a number of lovely towns in the vicinity including Ilmenau, with its university and sporting facilities and Arnstadt where J.S. Bach began his musical career. Also of interest is Weimar, the founding place of the Weimar Republic and also home to many historically important people such as Goethe, Schiller, Rudolph Steiner, J.S. Bach and Franz Liszt to name but a few.

Thüringen is world-famous for its beautiful hand-crafted woodwork, glasswork and gnome manufacture.

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Bluebell Walk from Broyle Lane

Photograph by Molly Berry




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