Roman Ringmer Study Group

Project Plan



To examine all available evidence and, if appropriate, undertake field studies to determine the nature of Roman occupation and activity in Ringmer. To gather the evidence and publish a report with conclusions and proposals for further action, if necessary.


A) To examine existing evidence for Roman occupation and activity in Ringmer.

B) To uncover and consider any new evidence for the same.

Methods :-

1. Gather existing written evidence.

2. Gather finds information ( SAS, British Museum, County Archaeologist,metal detectorists, etc.).

3. Gather geographical evidence - place and field names, maps, roman roads and track ways etc. and historical land use.

4. Examine the nature of Roman settlements in the area.

5. Consider evidence from Roman digs in the Ringmer Parish.

6. Plot all evidence onto a large scale parish map.

7. Gain information about known Roman activity in Sussex (and wider if appropriate) to establish a framework into which Ringmer could fit.

8. Seek information from Ringmer people on unreported finds, observations, anecdotes etc. on anything potentially Roman.

9. Ensure the county plan is updated and matches the Ringmer one.


A) Ensure all information from phase 1 is collated and stored.

B) Prepare an interim report.

C) Prepare plans for, and undertake, fieldwork (including geophysics, walking and metal detecting) on identified potential sites.


1. To be determined at the appropriate time depending on the outcomes of phase 1.


If required, to be determined after phase 2.

First draft 10/11/2010