1881 Census


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* indicates that more than one person in the 1881 census of Ringmer has this name.

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Akehurst, Clara L
Akehurst, Harriet
Akehurst, Henry
Aldrich, Henry
Aldrich, Maria
Allwood, Henry
Allwood, Susannah
Ancoutt, Harry
Ancoutt, Martha
Andrews, Mary E
Andrews, Mary L
Andrews, Thomas
Andrews, William
Baker, Emma G
Baker, Ethel M
Baker, Harriett
Baker, James A
Baker, Richard
Balcombe, Thomas
Balcombe, William
Baldwin, Frank
Banks, Ada E
Banks, Alfred
Banks, Ethel L
Banks, Frederick
Banks, Harriett
Banks, James *
Banks, Joseph
Banks, Mary
Barber, Charles *
Barber, Edith
Barber, Elizabeth
Barber, Fanny *
Barber, Frederick
Barber, Olive B
Barber, William
Barnes, Eliza
Barnes, Emily
Barnes, Walter *
Barnet, Mary Anne
Barnet, Sarah
Barnett, Ann
Barnett, Charles
Barrowcliffe, Bertha J
Barrowcliffe, Charles H
Barrowcliffe, Emily E
Barrowcliffe, Fanny A
Barrowcliffe, Frederick
Barrowcliffe, Jane E
Bartier, John
Bates, Annie
Bean, Annie M
Bean, Ellen
Bean, Henry M
Bean, Matilda
Bean, Thomas M
Beckham, William
Benfield, Elizabeth
Bennett, William
Berry, Charles
Berry, Ernest
Berry, Jane
Berry, William *
Best, William
Birch, Henry
Bishop, Ada
Bishop, Ellen
Bishop, Emily
Bishop, Francis
Bodie, Elizabeth
Bodie, John
Bodle, Charles
Bodle, Emily A
Bodle, Gift
Bodle, Helena
Bodle, Henry *
Bodle, Maria
Bodle, Mary J
Bodle, William
Body, John
Bond, Thomas
Booth, Elizabella
Booth, Elizabeth
Booth, Henry
Booth, James *
Booth, Lucy
Botting, Edith
Botting, Ellen
Botting, Ernest
Botting, Stephen
Botting, William
Boulsbee, Sarah
Boyes, Carolin *
Boyes, John
Boyes, Mary
Boyes, Stanley *
Brankhurst, Ann
Brankhurst, George
Bray, Isaiah
Bray, Maria
Bray, Philadelphia
Bridge, Eliza
Bridge, Rose N
Bridge, William
Bridger, Mary
Briggs, Albert *
Briggs, Alice
Briggs, Alice M
Briggs, Charles *
Briggs, Harriet
Briggs, Harriett
Briggs, James
Briggs, John
Briggs, Joseph
Briggs, Marrietta
Briggs, Mary J
Brinkhurst, Alfred
Brinkhurst, Benjamin
Brinkhurst, Eli
Brinkhurst, Eliza
Brinkhurst, James
Brinkhurst, John
Brinkhurst, Mary
Brockhurst, Alice
Brockhurst, Arthur
Brockhurst, Benjamin *
Brockhurst, Edward
Brockhurst, Eliza
Brockhurst, Emily
Brockhurst, George
Brockhurst, James
Brockhurst, Samuel
Brockhurst, Sarah
Brockhurst, Sophia
Brook, Henry J
Brook, John
Brook, John G
Brook, Mary Ann
Brook, William T
Brooks, Alfred
Brooks, Alice
Brooks, Caroline
Brooks, Charles
Brooks, Ellen
Brooks, Emma
Brooks, Henry
Brooks, Walter
Brown, Ann
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Louisa
Brown, Samuel
Bryant, Ann
Bryant, Clara
Bryant, Edwin *
Bryant, Emily
Bryant, Emma
Bryant, Fanny
Bryant, George *
Bryant, Hannah
Bryant, Harriet
Bryant, Harry
Bryant, Henry
Bryant, James
Bryant, Louisa
Bryant, Lucy
Bryant, Mary Ann *
Bryant, Rhodar
Bryant, Robert
Bryant, Thomas *
Bryant, Trayton
Buckman, Ellam
Buckman, Esther
Buckman, Frank W
Buckman, Harriett
Buckman, John E
Buckman, Louisa A
Burfoot, Fanny
Burfoot, George W
Burfoot, Joseph C
Burfoot, Leah
Burfoot, Sarah
Burfoot, William
Burgess, Eliza
Burgess, Frank
Burgess, Henry
Burgess, Mark
Burgess, Sarah
Calloway, Abraham
Calloway, Albert E
Calloway, Alice
Calloway, Louisa E
Calloway, Rose A
Calloway, Walter Hy
Cands, James Hy *
Carey, Ann
Carey, Annie
Carey, Charles
Carey, Frederick R
Carey, George
Carey, Harriett
Carey, Henry J
Carey, John
Carey, Mary E
Carey, William
Carpenter, David
Carpenter, Emily
Carpenter, Harriett
Carpenter, Henry
Carpenter, Ruth
Carpenter, Thomas
Case, Fanny
Casham, David
Catt, Elizabeth *
Catt, Henry
Catt, William
Champion, Charles
Champion, George
Champion, Sarah
Chandler, Alice
Chandler, Annie
Chandler, Edward
Chandler, Elizabeth *
Chandler, Jane
Chandler, Kate
Chandler, Katherine
Chandler, Philly
Chandler, Robert
Cheeseman, Alfred
Cheeseman, Ann
Cheeseman, Fanny *
Cheeseman, Henery
Cheeseman, James *
Cheeseman, William
Churcher, Ada
Churcher, Alice
Churcher, George *
Churcher, John
Churcher, Mary
Churcher, Rosa
Clarke, Albert
Clarke, Alice
Clarke, Annie
Clarke, Arthur
Clarke, Caroline
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Edward *
Clarke, Ellen
Clarke, Francis
Clarke, Frank *
Clarke, George *
Clarke, Henry *
Clarke, James
Clarke, John E
Clarke, Joseph *
Clarke, Lucy R
Clarke, Maryann
Clarke, Sophia
Clarke, William
Colbran, Alfred
Colbran, Herbert
Collins, Ann
Collins, Harriett
Constable, Frank
Cooper, Edward
Cornford, Thomas
Cornwall, Alice
Cornwall, Frances
Cornwall, Francis J
Cornwall, Jane
Cornwall, John
Cosham, Albert
Cosham, Alfred
Cosham, Ann
Cosham, Annie
Cosham, Charles H
Cosham, Edward
Cosham, Eliza
Cosham, Emily
Cosham, George *
Cosham, Helen
Cosham, Henry
Cosham, John
Cosham, Mary Ann
Cosham, Robert
Cosham, Walter
Cosham, William *
Crosskey, Albert W
Crosskey, Sydney
Dabson, Arthur W
Dabson, Catherine *
Dabson, Charles
Dabson, Eliza
Dabson, Emma
Dabson, Herbert
Dabson, Horace
Dabson, Jessie F
Dabson, John *
Dabson, Sarah
Dabson, Sophia
Dabson, Thecrine
Dabson, Thomas *
Davey, Arthur *
Davey, Fanny *
Davey, Florence
Davey, Gertude
Davey, Harry
Day, William
Deacon, Annie
Deacon, Charlotte
Deacon, David
Deacon, George
Dewe, Ada Moran
Dewe, Caroline Ada
Dewe, Gladys Mary
Dewe, William Hershey
Dicker, Elizabeth
Dicker, George
Dicker, Mary Ann
Dimes, Sarah
Diplack, Peter
Diplock, Alfred
Diplock, Alfred J
Diplock, Annia
Diplock, Charles
Diplock, Daniel
Diplock, David
Diplock, Esther
Diplock, Frances
Diplock, George
Diplock, Jane
Diplock, Jane A
Diplock, John K
Diplock, Julia
Diplock, Laura
Diplock, Mary
Diplock, Orlande
Diplock, William *
Divall, Alfred
Divall, Alice *
Divall, Barbara
Divall, Eliza
Divall, Emily *
Divall, Esther
Divall, Fanny
Divall, Henry *
Divall, Herbert
Divall, Jane *
Divall, John *
Divall, Louisa
Divall, Louisa E
Divall, Sarah
Divall, Thomas *
Divall, William *
Duffield, George H
Duffield, George P
Duffield, Lucy
Durrant, Ellen
Durrant, Kate
Durrant, Mary
Durrant, William
Durrant, William J
Durrants, Charlotte *
Durrants, John *
Durrants, Mary *
Eade, Charles W
Eade, Elizabeth E
Eade, Emily
Eade, Florence M
Eade, George F
Eade, Herbert G
Eade, Horace *
Edwards, Eliza
Edwards, Elizabeth
Ellis, Alfred G
Ellis, Alice M
Ellis, Ann
Ellis, Annie
Ellis, Annie E
Ellis, Carrolin
Ellis, David
Ellis, Edward
Ellis, Eli
Ellis, Elizabeth
Ellis, Esther *
Ellis, Ethel P
Ellis, Frederick
Ellis, George *
Ellis, Henry
Ellis, Henry David
Ellis, Herberty
Ellis, James
Ellis, James H
Ellis, Laura R
Ellis, Louisa J
Ellis, Rebecca
Ellis, Ruben
Ellis, Rueben
Ellis, Susan R
Ellis, Thomas *
Ellis, William *
Ellis, William J
Evans, Annie
Evans, David
Evans, Ebinezer
Evans, Eli
Evans, Ellen
Evans, Frank
Evans, George
Evans, Henry *
Evans, Jane *
Evans, Jessie
Evans, Katie
Evans, Kay
Evans, Mary
Evans, Matilda
Evans, Phoebe
Evans, Ruth
Evans, Walter
Evans, William *
Evenden, Mary
Everden, Clara
Everden, Edward
Farnborough, Ernest
Farnborough, Sophia
Farnborough, Stephen
Fielder, Edward
Fielder, Harriett *
Fielder, James
Fielder, Jobe
Fielder, Lucy
Fielder, Trayton
Fiest, Kaomi
Fleet, Eliza
Fleet, Frederick
Fleet, James
Fleet, Jane
Fleet, Mary J
Foord, Mary
Foord, Samuel
Ford, Alice
Ford, Ann
Ford, Caleb J
Ford, Charles
Ford, Eliza *
Ford, Elizabeth *
Ford, Emma
Ford, Fanny
Ford, Frank
Ford, Frederick *
Ford, George
Ford, George Hy
Ford, Henry
Ford, Isaac
Ford, James
Ford, Jemima M
Ford, Jemmima M
Ford, John
Ford, John R
Ford, Joseph *
Ford, Lucy
Ford, Mary
Ford, Miriam
Ford, Percy
Ford, Thomas *
Ford, William *
Ford, William Hy
Frain, Elizabeth
Frain, Richard
French, Charles
French, Charlott
French, Christianna
French, Eliza
French, Ernest
French, Esther
French, Frederick
French, George
French, Harry
French, John
French, Louisa
French, Luther
French, Mary
Frusler, George F
Frusler, Lucy
Fuller, Albert E
Fuller, Ann
Fuller, Benjamin
Fuller, Esther
Fuller, Henery
Fuller, Henry
Fuller, John *
Fuller, Kate
Fuller, Lilley
Fuller, Mercy *
Funnel, Ruth
Funnel, William
Funnell, Elizabeth
Funnell, Ellen
Funnell, Emily *
Funnell, George *
Funnell, Henry
Funnell, John *
Funnell, Keziah
Funnell, Lucy *
Funnell, Mary Ann
Funnell, Mary J
Funnell, Myre
Funnell, Richard *
Funnell, Rose
Funnell, Simeon
Funnell, Thomas *
Funnell, William
Garen, Osborne
Gaston, David
Gaston, Edward
Gaston, Eli
Gaston, Jane
Gaston, John *
Gaston, Louisa
Gaston, Orlando
Gaston, Sarah
Gaston, Thomas
Gates, Ann T
Gates, Charles
Gates, Ellen *
Gates, Frederick
Gates, Kate E
Gates, Lucy
Gates, Lucy L
Gates, Lydia
Gates, Martha
Gates, Maryam R
Gates, Rose
Gates, Thomas
Gates, William
Gee, Sarah
Gibbs, Arther
Gibbs, Charlott
Gibbs, Charlott M
Gibbs, Eliza
Gibbs, Forbour
Gibbs, Frances L
Gibbs, George
Gibbs, Harriett
Gibbs, Henrietta
Gibbs, Henry *
Gibbs, John T
Gibbs, Mary J
Gibbs, Sarah A
Gillham, Edward *
Gladman, Clara
Gladman, Sarah
Goldsmith, David
Goldsmith, Henry
Goldsmith, Jane
Goldsmith, John
Goldsmith, John J
Goldsmith, Susan
Goldsmith, Susanah
Goldsmith, William L
Greenfield, Annie
Greenfield, Ellen
Grigwell, Sarah
Groom, Sarah
Gurr, Alfred
Gurr, Charles
Gurr, David
Gurr, Eliza
Gurr, Harriett
Gurr, James
Gurr, John
Gurr, William
Guy, Alfred
Guy, Fanny
Guy, John
Guy, Mary E
Guy, Miriam
Hammond, Elizabeth
Hamsley, Anna
Hamsley, James
Hardy, Catherine H
Hardy, Edgar
Hardy, Joseph
Hardy, Waris
Hassell, Henry
Hastings, Esther
Hastings, James
Hatchett, Elizabeth
Hayler, Alfred
Hemsley, Alice
Hemsley, Annie
Hemsley, David
Hemsley, Elizabeth
Hemsley, Frederick
Hemsley, Maryann
Hemsley, William
Henshaw, John
Henshaw, Lucy
Hernott, Louisa
Hernott, William
Hewit, Kate
Hillman, Alice
Hillman, Edith E
Hillman, Edward *
Hillman, Eleanor
Hillman, Eliza
Hillman, Elizabeth
Hillman, Ellen
Hillman, Harriett
Hillman, Henry *
Hillman, Jane
Hillman, Joseph
Hillman, Lucy
Hillman, Mary
Hillman, Philadelphia
Hillman, Thomas
Hillman, William *
Hilton, George
Hilton, Harriett
Hoad, Charles
Hoad, David
Hoad, Esther
Hoad, Thomas *
Hoadly, Ellen
Hoadly, Thomas
Hobbs, Benjamin
Hobbs, John W
Hobbs, Mary W
Holder, Eliza
Holford, Mary
Holford, Samuel Hy
Holinden, Adeline
Holinden, Benjamin D
Holinden, Frank
Holinden, Graham
Holinden, Percy F
Holinden, Sarah Ann
Holinden, Stanford
Holingdale, Rebecca
Holingdale, Thomas *
Hollibon, Emily
Hollibon, Harriett
Hollibon, Thomas
Holman, Henry
Holman, Samuel
Holter, Alfred
Holter, Elizabeth
Honisett, Alfred
Honisett, Elizabeth
Honisett, Frank *
Honisett, George
Horsecroft, Frederick
Horsecroft, George
Horsey, Thomas
Hother, Annie
Hother, Ellen
Hother, Emily
Hother, Fanny
Hother, Florence
Hother, Frank
Hother, George
Hother, Helen
House, Mary Ann
House, William T
Howard, Amelia
Howard, Thomas
Howell, Charles F
Howell, Richard
Howell, William
Hubbard, Emily
Hubbard, George
Hubbard, William
Hubbard, William J
Hudson, Annie G
Hudson, Charles
Hudson, Charles F
Hudson, Emily H
Hudson, Mary
Huggett, James
Huntley, Alfred
Huntley, Allae
Huntley, Harry
Huntley, James
Huntley, Kate
Huntley, Mary
Huntley, Sarah Jane
Huntly, Frederick
Huntly, Judith
Hylands, Charles
Hylands, Edward
Hylands, John
Hylands, Joseph
Hylands, Susan
Imms, Annie
Imms, Caroline E
Imms, David H
Imms, Esther
Imms, George
Imms, Henry
Imms, John
Imms, Joseph
Imms, Kate
Imms, Lucy
Ireland, Edwin
Ireland, M.M.
Jarvis, Charles
Jarvis, Joseph
Jarvis, Josephine
Jarvis, Mable
Jarvis, Sarah
Jenner, Richard
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Catherine
Jones, Frank
Jones, Frederick J
Jones, Henry
Jones, Herbert W
Jones, John G
Jones, Louisa
Jones, Mary *
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Samuell
Jones, Sophia
Jones, Stephen *
Jones, Thomas
Jones, William
Kennard, Alfred
Kennard, Ann
Kennard, Caroline
Kennard, George
Kennard, James
Kennard, Mary
Kenward, Matilda
King, Rosalea L
Kitson, Emma
Knight, Albert
Knight, Alfred F
Knight, Annie
Knight, Annie E
Knight, Charles
Knight, Ellen E
Knight, Fanny
Knight, Harriett
Knight, Minnie
Knight, William J
Lambert, Caleb
Langridge, Kerziah
Lawrence, Jane *
Lawrence, William *
Lea, Archbald
Lee, Elizabeth
Lewer, James
Lively, John
Lively, Martha
Lively, Thomas
Marchant, William
Marten, Kate *
Martin, Ada R
Martin, Bessie *
Martin, Edward
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Frederick
Martin, George *
Martin, Hannah
Martin, Jane
Martin, Mary
Martin, May
Martin, Percy J
Martin, Sally
Martin, Sally Ann
Martin, Thomas
Martin, William F
Mazlen, Isabella
Mazlen, John
Medhurst, Albert
Michell, John
Miles, Claudias
Miles, George
Miles, Rebeckah
Miles, Sarah
Miller, Ambrose
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Emily K
Miller, Henry
Miller, John
Miller, Joseph *
Miller, Mary
Miller, Rebegah
Miller, Thomas
Mills, Caroline
Moon, Alfred
Moon, Clara
Moon, Hannah *
Moon, Henry
Moon, Naomi
Moon, William *
Moore, Framk
Moore, George
Moore, Rose
Moore, Susanna
Moore, William
Moory, George
Mudge, Alice M.E.
Mudge, John W
Mudge, Julia
Mudge, Julia F
Newnham, Eliza
Newnham, Ellen
Newnham, Emily S
Newnham, Fanny
Newnham, Frank
Newnham, Frederick
Newnham, John
Newnham, Joseph *
Newnham, Louisa *
Newnham, Philidelphia
Noakes, Matilda
Noakes, Sarah
Noakes, William
Northeast, Maria
Nye, Fanny
Nye, Harry C
Nye, James
Nye, Lucy
Nye, William
Olive, Margeret
Osborn, Fanny
Osborne, Emma
Packham, Charles G
Packham, Frances
Packham, George *
Packham, George M
Packham, Henry E
Packham, James
Packham, Mary Ann *
Packham, Mercy
Packham, Sarah
Packham, Tom Sergeant
Packham, William *
Page, Charles
Page, Edith M
Page, Eliza
Page, Frederick J
Page, Jane C
Page, John *
Page, Mary *
Page, Ruth
Page, Sarah E
Page, Spencer
Page, Thomas
Page, William
Paige, Alfred
Paige, Frederick
Paige, Theophiless
Paine, Henry W
Pankhurst, Alfred
Pankhurst, Ann
Pankhurst, Philip
Paris, Albert E
Paris, Mary A *
Paris, William J
Parker, Edith
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, Ellen
Parker, Eunice
Parker, George
Parker, Harriett
Parker, Henry
Parker, Kate E
Parris, Amos
Parris, Caroline
Parris, David
Parris, David W
Parris, Frederick
Parsons, Agnes A
Parsons, George
Parsons, Grace
Parsons, Henry
Parsons, Jessie
Parsons, Lucy M
Parsons, Sarah A
Parver, William H
Payne, Edith
Payne, Sarah
Pelham, Cordelia
Pelham, Ephraim
Pelham, James
Pelham, Peter
Percival, Ellen
Petit, Herbert
Pink, Ann *
Pink, Dora *
Pink, Godfrey *
Pink, James *
Pink, Millicent *
Plummer, Albert E
Plummer, Albert S
Plummer, Emily
Plummer, Hannah L
Plummer, Thomas H
Pockney, Alice K
Pockney, Annie
Pockney, Charles
Pockney, Edith
Pockney, Fanny *
Pockney, Frank
Pockney, Herbert
Pockney, Martha
Pockney, William
Pope, Ebenezer
Pope, Henry
Pope, Jane
Pope, Kate
Porter, Esther
Porter, Helen M
Porter, John
Potter, Ann M
Potter, Edith L
Potter, Edith M
Potter, Frances N
Potter, Fred
Potter, Henry H *
Potter, Thomas W
Prana, Ann
Pratt, Ann
Pratt, George
Pratt, Hannah
Pratt, James *
Pratt, Jessie
Pratt, Margarette
Pratt, Mary A
Pratt, Mercy
Pratt, Peter
Pratt, Richard *
Pratt, Rosina M
Ransom, Elizabeth
Ransom, James
Reed, Jessie
Reed, Robert
Richardson, Archib
ald Richardson, Edith M
Richardson, Edmund
Richardson, Edward E
Richardson, Eliza
Richardson, Elizabeth *
Richardson, Emma
Richardson, Frank
Richardson, George *
Richardson, Henry *
Richardson, Kate
Richardson, Ruth
Richardson, Sarah
Rickman, Rachel
Rickman, Sarah H
Ridge, William
Roberts, Amey
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, John
Robinson, Jessie
Robinson, Sarah
Roffey, Mary
Roffey, Richard
Rook, Alice M
Rook, Amos
Rook, Harriett
Rook, Henry
Rook, Henry Alfred
Rook, Jimima
Rook, Martha
Rook, Sarah A
Rook, Stephen
Rook, William D
Rooke, Arthur
Rooke, Edwin
Rooke, Eli
Rooke, James
Rooke, Jane *
Rooke, Lily
Rooke, Susan
Rooke, William J
Rose, Annie
Rout, Harry
Rusbridge, Alice
Sampson, Richard K
Saunders, Benjamin
Saunders, David
Saunders, Franklin
Saunders, George
Saunders, Joseph
Saunders, Mary
Saunders, Mary Annie
Saunders, Peter
Saunders, Stephan
Saunders, Thomas H
Savage, George
Savill, Eliza
Saxton, Edith
Saxton, Emily
Saxton, Esther *
Saxton, George
Saxton, John
Saxton, Mary
Saxton, Rosa M
Saxton, Thomas
Saxton, William
Scott, Annie
Scott, Edward
Scott, Emily
Scott, George *
Scott, James
Scott, Jane
Scott, John *
Seal, Albert
Seal, Caroline
Seal, David
Seal, David G
Seal, Rhoda
Shambrook, Mary Ann
Shaw, Susan
Simmons, Henry
Simmons, Hepiizbah
Simmons, John
Simmons, Miriam
Simmons, Obel
Simmons, Octavius
Simmons, Ruth
Simmons, Wm.
Sinden, Caroline
Sinden, Harriett
Sinden, Jemima
Sinden, Rhoda
Sinden, William *
Skinner, Alfred S B
Smith, David
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth *
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jane
Smith, Samuel
Somers, Sarah A
Somers, William J
Southgate, Arthur
Southgate, Frances
Stark, Albert
Stark, Mary *
Stephens, Daniel
Stephens, Sarah
Stepney, Charles
Stepney, James
Stepney, Mary Ann
Stevens, Ellen
Stevens, Ellen Louisa
Stevens, George
Stevens, Harry
Stevens, Sarah Ann
Streeter, Elizabeth
Streeter, Thomas
Symons, Edward
Symons, Eliza
Tasker, Alfred Henry
Tasker, Charles
Tasker, David
Tasker, Edith
Tasker, Edward
Tasker, Eleanor E
Tasker, George
Tasker, Harriet
Tasker, Henry *
Tasker, Henry E
Tasker, Jane *
Tasker, John
Tasker, Mary
Tasker, Philloman
Tasker, Thomas
Tasker, William
Taylor, Ann
Taylor, Annie
Taylor, Catherine
Taylor, Charles H
Taylor, Charles W
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Elizabeth M
Taylor, Ernest
Taylor, George
Taylor, James
Taylor, John *
Taylor, Lucy
Taylor, Susan
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Thomas E
Taylor, William J
Teague, Alec
Teague, Alma
Teague, Edith
Teague, Ernest
Teague, Frederick J
Teague, Mary J
Teague, Rose Anne
Terry, Frances E
Thatcher, Anna
Thatcher, Lena E
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Lydia
Thorpe, Alfred D
Thorpe, Charles
Thorpe, Mary Ann
Tobitt, Mary
Tolner, Frank E
Tomsett, Elizabeth
Townsend, Fanny A
Trigwell, Ann
Trigwell, Charlotte
Trigwell, Charlotte C
Trigwell, Elizabeth
Trigwell, Ellen
Trigwell, George
Trigwell, Harriett
Trigwell, Isaac
Trigwell, John
Trigwell, Mary *
Trigwell, Samuel
Trigwell, William *
Trusted, Eliz. Th.
Trywell, John *
Trywell, Joseph *
Tulnott, Ellen
Tuppin, Annie *
Tuppin, Mary *
Turner, Ann *
Turner, Edward *
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Henry *
Turner, John
Turner, Joseph
Turner, Laura E
Turner, Luther
Turner, Martha
Turner, Susan
Turner, Thomas *
Turner, William *
Upton, Alice
Upton, Ann
Upton, James *
Upton, John
Vitler, Hariet
Voller, Annie G
Voller, Caroline
Voller, Elizabeth G
Voller, Henry J
Voller, John S
Voller, William F
Waller, Elizabeth
Waller, Henry
Waller, John
Waller, Joseph
Waller, Martha *
Waller, Sarah
Washer, Alfred
Washer, Charles
Washer, Frank
Washer, Frederick
Washer, George
Washer, Jane *
Washer, John
Washer, Lucy
Washer, Mary
Washer, Richard
Washer, Samuel
Washer, Susan *
Washer, Thomas
Waymark, Mary E
Waymark, Solomon
Waymark, William
Weller, Albert
Weller, David
Weller, Lucy
Weston, Ellen
Weston, Richard
Wheatley, Cordelia
Wheatley, David
Wheatley, Ernest
Wheatley, Owen
Wheeler, Mary
Whinman, William
White, Charlotte
White, Edwin
White, Edwin J
White, Hannah
White, Infant
White, James *
White, Louisa J
White, Mary Ann
White, Mercy
White, Tom
White, William
Wickens, Charles
Wickens, Eliza
Wickens, Esther
Wickens, Hannah A
Wickens, Louisa L
Wickens, Rhoda
Wickens, Samuel
Wickens, Sarah
Wickens, Thomas
Wicks, Clara
Wicks, David W
Wicks, Frederick H
Wicks, Henry
Wicks, James Hy
Wicks, Mary
Wicks, Priscilla
Wicks, Richard *
Wilkens, Edward
Wilkins, Edward
Wilkinson, Richard
Willard, Catherine
Willard, Henry
Williams, Charles
Williams, Eliza
Williams, Elizabeth A
Williams, Helen
Williams, James *
Williams, John
Williams, Martha
Williams, Samuel *
Willshire, Thomas C
Wilmshurst, Alice
Wilmshurst, Harry
Wilmshurst, Sarah M
Wilmshurst, Walter
Wilmshurst, William
Winter, Alfred
Winter, John
Wood, Charles
Wood, Charlotte
Wood, David
Wood, Eliza
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, Emily M
Wood, Geo
Wood, Hannah
Wood, John
Wood, John M
Wood, Rueben
Wood, William
Woodgate, Mary J C
Wycherby, Alexander
Wycherby, Alfred
Wycherby, Henry
Wycherby, Prissilia
Wycherby, Sarah A
Wycherby, William
oung, Thomas