Ringmer 1861 Census

Sunday, 7th April 1861: Introduction to the 1861 Census

by Heather Osmer

This census was taken for the night of Sunday 7th April 1861.

Records on Page 8 of Enumeration District 5 (39 to 42) are missing.
Transcribing this document from photocopies from film of the original records has been difficult & in some places impossible. The original handwriting of all three enumerators is illegible in places. Transcribing was made even more difficult by poor photocopies of poor quality film. We have done our best to work out what has been recorded but there will be some errors.

The parish of Ringmer was divided into 3 Enumeration Districts. Each enumerator wrote the description of their district from the Copy supplied to him by the Registrar. Any explanatory notes or observations calculated to make the description clearer or more complete, may be added by the Enumerator

Enumeration District 4: Mr William Taylor.

Part of the Parish of Ringmer (South East)

From & including the Ringmer Toll Gate House down the Road to Rushy Green taking all the houses on the East side up Harrisons Lane to the Turnpike Road up the Turnpike Road as far as Broyle Lane up Broyle Lane to the Black Gates through the bieu (?) to the Mount Farm house taking the whole of the houses on the East side of the Road Comprising the Pest House Broyle Plain Broyle Place Railway Inn Moorlane & Ashton Green. (Sic)

Enumeration District 5: Mr Charles Washer

Description & boundary of Enumeration District No 5 part of the Parish of Ringmer (South West) from the Toll Gate down the road to Rushey Green taking all the Houses on the west side up Harrisons Lane crossing the Turnpike Road up Bishops Lane crossing Norlington Lane round Dodsons Corner down Church Lane to Park Gate including Park Farm House, Middleham, Union Workhouse, Vicarage, Delves House, the Green & the whole of the Houses in the Village. (Sic)

Enumeration District 6: Mr Robert A Durrant

From and including Park Gate House also Church Lane to Dodsons Corner crossing Norlington Lane down Bishops Lane (taking all the Houses on the North side) to the Turnpike Road, up the Road to Broyle Lane also Broyle Lane to the Black Gate (taking all the houses on the west side) through the? to Oaklands, taking Plashet Park House,Old Ship, Clay Hill, Swing Gate, Norlington Lane, Cock Inn & Wellingham.(Sic)

Occupations in the Census.

The instructions in 1861 were less detailed than in 1851. The householder was told that:

The term FARMER to be applied only to the OCCUPIER of land.
Example ' Farmer of 317 acres, employing 8 labourers and 3 boys': the actual number of acres, and of men and boys employed on the farm, on April 8th, being in all cases inserted. Sons or daughters employed on the farm may be returned- 'Farmer's son, Farmer's daughter'.
FARM SERVANTS sleeping in the Farmer's house must be described as ' Agricultural labourer; Shepherd, etc.' as the case may be.

District Number of Schedules Inhabited Houses Uninhabited Houses Males Females Total
4 105 56 0 259 252 511
5 118 109 1 284 283 567
6 93 80 1 224 217 441
Total 316 245 2 767 752 1519

Heather Osmer, August 2003