1851 Census


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* indicates that more than one person in the 1851 census of Ringmer has this name.

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Ansell, George
Arkcoll, Elizabeth
Arkcoll, Fanny
Arkcoll, George
Arkcoll, Mary
Arkcoll, William *
Attreal, James

Baber, Mary
Back, John
Back, Robert
Bailey, Ann
Baker, Mary Ann
Baker, Stephen
Banks, Benjamin
Banks, Charles
Banks, James *
Banks, Jane
Banks, John
Banks, Joseph *
Banks, Lucy *
Banks, Mary *
Barber, Charles *
Barber, Charlotte
Barber, Ebenezer
Barber, Fanny
Barber, Frances
Barber, Harriett
Barber, James
Barber, John *
Barber, Joseph
Barber, Robert
Barber, William
Bates, John
Beal, James
Beal, Stephen
Berry, Ann
Berry, Epsebee [Hepzibah]
Berry, Henry E
Berry, William
Bircher, Benjamin *
Bircher, Susan *
Bishop, Caroline
Blaber, Charles Henry [see also Blabour]
Blaber, David *
Blaber, Edward *
Blaber, Mary *
Blaber, Sarah
Blabour, Ann [see also Blaber]
Boatman, Mary [see also Boteman]
Bodle, Ann
Bodle, George
Bodle, Henry *
Bodle, Maria
Bodle, William
Body, John
Body, William
Boon, Elizabeth
Boteman, Clara [see also Boatman]
Boteman, Frances
Boyle, Jane
Boyle, Matthew H. White
Bradford, Henry
Bradford, Mary
Bradford, William
Bray, Alfred
Bray, Caroline
Bray, Edward Scrase
Bray, Emily
Bray, Frances
Bray, Frederick
Bray, Henry
Bray, Isaiah
Bray, Joseph *
Bray, Lucy
Bray, Maria
Bray, Martha
Bray, Philadelphia
Bray, Sarah *
Bray, Trayton
Bray, William
Brazier, Jane
Briant, Ann
Briant, Charlotte [see also Bryant]
Briant, Edmond
Briant, Edward
Briant, George *
Briant, Hannah
Briant, Harriett
Briant, Henry
Briant, Thomas *
Briant, Trayton
Bridger, Ann
Bridger, George
Bridger, James
Bridger, John
Bridger, William
Bridges, George
Bridges, Mary
Briggs, Albert
Briggs, Ann *
Briggs, Charity
Briggs, Charles *
Briggs, Charlotte
Briggs, Edward
Briggs, Edwin
Briggs, Elisa
Briggs, Ellen *
Briggs, Elizabeth *
Briggs, George *
Briggs, Harriett
Briggs, James
Briggs, Jane *
Briggs, John *
Briggs, Joseph *
Briggs, Joseph William
Briggs, Kitty
Briggs, Lucy
Briggs, Lucy Ann
Briggs, Martha
Briggs, Mary *
Briggs, Mary Ann
Briggs, Sarah
Briggs, William
Brown, George * [see also Browne]
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Sarah
Browne, Ann [see also Brown]
Browne, George
Browne, Henry *
Bruce, Mary Ann
Bryant, Ann [see also Briant]
Bryant, Esther
Bryant, George Henry
Bryant, Henry *
Bryant, James
Bryant, John
Bryant, Lucy
Bryant, Mercy
Bryant, Rhodia
Bryant, Robert
Bryant, Robert H.
Bryant, Thomas
Burgess, James

Carey, Edward
Carey, George
Carey, Harriett
Carey, Joseph
Carey, Sarah
Carey, Stephen (female)
Carpenter, Jane
Catt, Ann
Catt, Edmund
Catt, Eliza
Catt, Elizabeth
Catt, Emma
Catt, Emily
Chambers, Mary Ann
Chandler, Daniel
Chandler, Elizabeth
Chandler, Jane
Chandler, Mary
Chandler, Matilda
Chandler, Robert
Chandler, Robert William
Chandler, Thomas
Chandler, William
Cheeseman, Frances [see also Cheesman]
Cheeseman, James
Cheeseman, Jesse
Cheeseman, Pheobe
Cheesman, Fanny [see also Cheeseman]
Cheesman, James
Clark, Albert [see also Clarke]
Clark, Ann *
Clark, Arthur
Clark, Caroline *
Clark, Catherine
Clark, Edward
Clark, Elizabeth *
Clark, Ellen
Clark, Esther
Clark, Frances
Clark, George *
Clark, Harriett
Clark, Henry *
Clark, James
Clark, Jane
Clark, Joseph *
Clark, Lucy *
Clark, Maria
Clark, Mary *
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Thomas *
Clark, William *
Clarke, Caroline [see also Clark]
Clarke, Edward *
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, Josh
Clarke, Mary
Clarke, Mary Ann
Coates, Edmund
Coates, Frances
Coates, Richard
Cogan, Jesse
Colabeen, Caroline
Colabeen, Elizabeth
Colabeen, Lucy
Cole, Albert
Cole, Alfred
Cole, Ann
Cole, Charles
Cole, Daniel
Cole, Ely
Cole, Emma *
Cole, Jane
Coleman, William
Collingham, Charles
Collingham, Ellenoure
Collingham, Frances
Collingham, Henry Poole
Collingham, Herbert
Collingham, James
Collingham, William
Collison, Elizabeth
Collison, Frances
Collison, Matthew
Colman, Harriett
Colman, Henry
Colman, Samuel
Comber, Emily
Constable, Frances
Constable, John
Cook, Amelia
Cook, Ann
Cook, John
Cook, Philip
Cook, Thomas
Cooley, William
Cosham, Albert
Cosham, Allice Ann
Cosham, Charlotte
Cosham, Edward
Cosham, Frances
Cosham, Henry
Cosham, John *
Cosham, Mary
Cosham, Sally
Cosham, Sarah *
Cosham, Selina
Cosham, Thomas
Cosham, William *
Crofts, Ellen
Crofts, Henry P.

Dabson, Catherine
Dabson, Elizabeth
Dabson, Fanny
Dabson, George
Dabson, Isaac *
Dabson, John
Dabson, Louisa
Dabson, Mary
Dabson, Mary Ann
Dabson, Sarah
Dabson, Shem
Dabson, Thomas
Dadswell, James
Dale, Caroline
Dale, William
Davis, Eliza
Davis, Frances
Davis, Richard
Davis, Sarah Mini
Dicker, Emma
Dicker, John
Dicker, Mary
Dicker, Moses
Dicker, Pheobea
Dicker, Richard
Dicker, Thomas
Dillastone, John
Diplock, Alfred
Diplock, Caroline *
Diplock, Charles
Diplock, David
Diplock, Elizabeth
Diplock, George
Diplock, Joseph *
Diplock, Louisa
Diplock, William *
Divall, Alfred *
Divall, Barbara
Divall, Benjamin
Divall, Charlotte
Divall, David *
Divall, Edmund
Divall, Edwin
Divall, Elizabeth *
Divall, Esther
Divall, Fredrick
Divall, George *
Divall, Harriett
Divall, Henry *
Divall, Jane
Divall, John
Divall, Joseph
Divall, Louisa *
Divall, Lucy
Divall, Maria
Divall, Sarah *
Divall, Stephen
Divall, Thomas *
Divall, William *
Dodson, Lucy
Doust, Ann
Doust, Eliza Ann
Doust, Josep
Doust, Stephen
Duffield, George Henry *
Duffield, Lucy
Duffield, Thomas
Dumbrill, Charles
Duncan, Charles
Duncan, Frances *
Duncan, James Alex
Duncan, Robert
Duncan, Susan
Duncan, William *
Durrant, Ann
Durrant, Ann Worrall *
Durrant, Caleb
Durrant, Charlotte
Durrant, Eliza
Durrant, Ellen
Durrant, Jane
Durrant, John *
Durrant, Robert Argles
Durrant, Samuel
Durrant, William *

Edwards, Ann
Edwards, Joseph
Edwards, Mary
Edwards, Rebecca
Edwards, William
Ellis, Ann
Ellis, Edward *
Ellis, Eliza
Ellis, Ellen
Ellis, Fanny
Ellis, Frances
Ellis, Henry *
Ellis, Lydia
Ellis, Rebecca
Ellis, Rhuben
Ellis, Sophia
Ellis, William *
Elphick, Caroline
Elphick, John
Elphick, Joseph
Elphick, Mary Ann
Elphick, Thomas
Elphick, William
Evans, Albert
Evans, Ann
Evans, Caleb
Evans, Caroline
Evans, David *
Evans, Edward *
Evans, Elizabeth
Evans, Esther
Evans, Frances
Evans, George
Evans, Hannah
Evans, James
Evans, Martha
Evans, Mary
Evans, Matilda
Evans, Robert *
Evans, Thomas
Evans, William *
Evenden, Susan

Farr, Frances
Farrant, William
Fennell, Caroline * [see also Funnell]
Fennell, Emma
Fennell, Mary
Fennell, Phillis
Fennell, William
Fiest, Caroline
Fiest, Charles T.
Fiest, Mary
Fiest, Mary Ann
Fiest, Samuel
Fiest, Thomas
Foord, Agnes [see also Ford]
Foord, Alfred
Foord, Argent
Foord, Caroline
Foord, Charles *
Foord, Elizabeth*
Foord, Fanny
Foord, Isaac
Foord, John
Foord, Jonathan
Foord, Joseph
Foord, Maria
Foord, Mary *
Foord, Mary Ann
Foord, Richard
Foord, Samuel *
Foord, Sarah
Foord, Susannah
Foord, Thomas *
Foord, William *
Ford, Ann * [see also Foord]
Ford, Elisa
Ford, James
Ford, John *
Ford, Joseph *
Ford, Lucy *
Ford, Mary Ann
Ford, Sarah
French, Ann *
French, David
French, Eliza
French, George
French, Harriett *
French, John *
French, Lydia
French, Mary
French, William *
Fryer, Albert
Fryer, Ann
Fryer, George
Fryer, Jane
Fryer, Richard
Fryer, Sarah
Fryer, William
Fuller, Ann
Fuller, Henry
Fuller, John *
Fuller, Joseph
Fuller, Mary *
Fuller, Obediah
Fuller, Sarah Jane
Fuller, Thomas
Funnell, Abigail [see also Fennell]
Funnell, Ann
Funnell, Hannah
Funnell, James
Funnell, John
Funnell, Mary
Funnell, Sarah
Funnell, William *

Gallop, Esther
Gallop, Jane
Gallop, Esther
Gardiner, Esther
Gardiner, Humphrey
Gardiner, Margaret
Gardiner, Thomas Champion
Gaston, Abraham
Gaston, Charles
Gaston, David
Gaston, Edward *
Gaston, Ellen
Gaston, Eli
Gaston, Eliza *
Gaston, Elizabeth
Gaston, George
Gaston, Harriett *
Gaston, Henry *
Gaston, John *
Gaston, Joseph
Gaston, Mary *
Gaston, Sarah
Gaston, Thomas
Gaston, William
Gates, Caroline
Gates, David
Gates, Edward
Gates, Eleanor
Gates, Ellen
Gates, Esther *
Gates, George
Gates, Henry
Gates, Joseph
Gates, Louisa
Gates, Lucy
Gates, Stephen
Gates, Thomas
Gates, William *
Gear, George
Gibbs, Caroline
Gibbs, George
Gibbs, Henry
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, Peter
Gibbs, [Phoebe]
Gibbs, Thomas *
Gilbert, Sarah
Goldsmith, Albert
Goldsmith, Alfred
Goldsmith, Charlotte
Goldsmith, David
Goldsmith, Eliza
Goldsmith, Frances
Goldsmith, George
Goldsmith, Harriett *
Goldsmith, Henry *
Goldsmith, Isaac
Goldsmith, James
Goldsmith, Jane
Goldsmith, John *
Goldsmith, Joseph
Goldsmith, Josia
Goldsmith, Luke
Goldsmith, Mary Ann
Goldsmith, Matilda
Goldsmith, Phebeu
Goldsmith, Rebecca
Goldsmith, Richard
Goldsmith, Samuel *
Goldsmith, Sarah
Goldsmith, Susannah
Goldsmith, Thomas
Goldsmith, William *
Gorring, Amos
Gray, Ellispet
Gray, James
Green, Charlott
Greenfield, Alfred
Greenfield, Charles
Greenfield, Frances
Greenfield, James
Greenfield, Lucy
Greenfield, Lydia
Greenfield, Martha
Greenfield, Mary *
Greenfield, Rhodia
Greenfield, Richard *
Greenfield, Sarah
Greenfield, William *
Griffin, Martha
Griffin, Michael
Grover, Elizabeth Lucy
Grover, Frederick
Grover, Mary
Grubb, Jonathan
Gurr, Lydia
Guy, Catty
Guy, Gurtrude
Guy, Ruth
Guy, Thomas

Haffenden, Ann
Haffenden, George
Haffenden, Philomel
Haffenden, Sarah
Haffenden, Walter
Haines, Albert
Haines, Alfred
Haines, Edgar
Haines, Edward
Haines, Frank
Haines, George
Haines, Hannah
Haines, Harriett
Harmer, Elizabeth
Harvey, Adelia
Harvey, Mary
Harvey, Sarah
Harvey, Thomas
Harvey, William
Hassell, Edward
Hassell, Emily
Hassell, George
Hassell, Harriett
Hassell, Henry
Hassell, Jane
Hassell, Phoebe
Hassell, William
Hayler, Ann
Hayler, Charles
Hayler, David
Hayler, Edward
Hayler, Elizabeth *
Hayler, George
Hayler, Hannah
Hayler, Mary Ann
Hayler, Shem
Hemsley, Ann
Hemsley, Henry
Hemsley, James *
Hemsley, Sarah
Hemsley, William
Henshaw, Frances
Hesmon, Amos
Hesman, Aron
Hesman, James
Hide, Ann
Hide, Kitty
Hide, Richard
Hide, Ruth
Hide, William
Highlands, Alfred [see also Hylands]
Highlands, Ann
Highlands, Caroline,
Highlands, Edward Thomas
Highlands, Elizabeth
Highlands, Henry *
Highlands, Jane
Highlands, John *
Highlands, Mary
Highlands, Sarah
Highlands, Susannah *
Highlands, Thomas
Highlands, Widow
Hill, David
Hill, Mary
Hill, Peter
Hill, Sarah Jane
Hillman, Edward
Hillman, Ellen
Hillman, Henry *
Hillman, Joseph
Hillman, Martha
Hillman, Mary *
Hillman, Susannah
Hillman, Thomas *
Hillman, William *
Hills, Thomas
Hoad, Thomas
Holder, Edward
Hollingdale, Henry
Holman, Caroline
Holman, James
Holman, Mary Ann
Holman, Samuel
Holmes, Arthur
Hoodhanes, Rhoda
Hope, Eliza *
Hope, Harriett
Hope, James
Howell, Elizabeth
Howell, Fanny
Howell, Jane
Howell, John
Howell, Lucy
Howell, Richard
Howell, Samuel
Howell, Thomas
Huggett, Sarah
Huggett, Walter
Huggett, William
Huntley, Alice
Huntley, Ellen
Huntley, Emily
Huntley, Fanny
Huntley, George
Huntley, Harriett
Huntley, Henry
Huntley, Judith
Huntley, Mary
Hylands, Edward [see also Highlands]
Hylands, Harriett
Hylands, John
Hylands, Joseph *
Hylands, Susan

Imms, Ann
Imms, Caroline
Imms, Charles
Imms, David
Imms, Eliza
Imms, Esther
Imms, George
Imms, Henry
Imms, John *
Imms, Joseph
Imms, Martha
Imms, Mary
Imms, Stephen
Imms, Thomas
Inskip, Ann
Inskip, Elisabeth
Inskip, Emma
Inskip, Fanny
Inskip, Henrietta
Inskip, Thomas
Inskip, William
Ivory, Ann

Jeffery, Jabez
Jeffery, James
Jeffries, Mary Elizabeth
Jeffries, William
Jenner, Philadelphia
Jenner, Richard
Jenner, Sarah
Jones, Frances
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, Jonathan
Jones, John
Jones, Luke
Jones, Maria
Jones, Mary
Jones, Naomi
Jones, Rose
Jones, Samuel *
Joy, Jane
Joy, William

Kenny, Mary
Kenward, Charles
Kilner, Jesse
King, Fredrick
King, Sarah Ann
King, Sophia
King, William *
Kingham, Charlotte
Kingham, Elizabeth
Kingham, Emma
Kingham, George
Kingham, Thomas
Kingham, William *
Kirby, Frances
Kirby, William
Kirby, William Alfred
Knight, Georgenna
Knight, Thomas

Lee, David
Lee, John
Lee, Lucy
Lee, Martha
Lee, Mary
Lee, Peter
Lee, William
Levett, John
Lively, Fanny
Lively, Frances
Lively, Joseph *
Lively, Martha
Lively, Thomas
Lock, Jane
Lower, George
Lower, Lucy
Lutman, Hannah
Lutman, Richard

Macconicce, John [see Macconichie]
Macconichie, Susan [see Macconicce]
MacKenly, Charles
Mannington, Anna
Mannington, Martha
Mannington, William Edward
Marchant, Jane
Marchant, John
Martin, Albert *
Martin, Ann
Martin, David *
Martin, Edward *
Martin, Ellen
Martin, Emily
Martin, Foster
Martin, Frances
Martin, Frederick
Martin, George
Martin, Hannah
Martin, Harriett *
Martin, Henry
Martin, Joseph *
Martin, Maria
Martin, Mary E.
Martin, Pheobe
Martin, Philadelphia
Martin, S.L.
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sarah Jane
Martin, Serena
Martin, William
Martin, William B.
Martin, William E.
Martin, William F.
Merricks, James
Miller, Alfred
Miller, Benjamin
Miller, Charlott
Miller, Edward
Miller, Elizabeth *
Miller, George
Miller, John
Miller, Joseph *
Miller, Martha
Miller, Mary
Miller, Rebecca
Miller, Thomas
Miller, William *
Morre (Mone?), Charity
Morris, David

Newman, Alfred
Newman, Annie Christiana
Newman, Benjamin
Newman, Esther
Newman, Henry
Newman, John
Newman, Mary
Newman, Sarah *
Newman, Stephen
Newman, William *
Nightingale, Elizabeth
Nightingale, Henry
Norman, Edward
Norman, Harriett
Norman, Jane

Oliver, Elizabeth
Oliver, James
Oliver, John

Packham, Elizabeth
Packham, Emily *
Packham, George *
Packham, Harriett *
Packham, Henry *
Packham, Jane *
Packham, Joseph *
Packham, Joshua
Packham, Lucy
Packham, Maria
Packham, Mary *
Packham, Mary Ann *
Packham, Rachel
Packham, Reuben *
Packham, Robert
Packham, Sarah *
Packham, William *
Page, Peter
Page, Sarah Ann
Paine, Annie
Paine, Edward
Paine, Elizabeth
Paine, Esther
Paine, Frank
Paine, George
Paine, Henry
Paine, Richard
Paine, Susannah
Paine, William Henry
Pelham, Adelia
Pelham, Fanny
Pelham, Frances
Pelham, James *
Pelham, Louisa
Pelham, Luke
Pelham, Peter
Pelham, Rebecca Elizabeth
Pelham, William
Perent, Mary Ann
Pierce, Mary
Piper, Jane
Pockney, Charles
Pockney, Eliza
Pockney, Frances
Pockney, George
Pockney, Harriett *
Pockney, James
Pockney, Joseph
Pockney, Lucy
Pockney, Mary Ann
Pockney, William *
Pollard, Susannah
Pollard, William
Poole, Charles
Poole, Ellen
Poole, Harriett
Port, Betty
Port, Samuel
Pottenting, Neome
Proctor, Alexander *
Proctor, Elizabeth
Proctor, Susannah
Pryor, Henry
Pryor, Mary
Pullen, Mary Ann
Putland, Jane

Ranger, Fanny
Ransom, James
Reed, Elizabeth
Richards, Henry
Richards, Sarah
Richards, Thomas
Richardson, Edmond
Richardson, George
Richardson, Henry William
Richardson, Mary *
Richardson, Obediah
Richardson, William
Rickman, John
Rickman, Matilda
Rickman, Priscilla
Rickman, Rachael
Rickman, Sarah
Rickman, Sarah Horne
Rollise, Louisa
Rook, Able
Rook, Amos
Rook, David
Rook, Edward
Rook, Eliza
Rook, Esther
Rook, Frances
Rook, George *
Rook, Henry
Rook, James
Rook, John *
Rook, Martha
Rook, Mary
Rook, Rheuben
Rook, Ruth
Rook, Sarah
Rook, Stephen
Rook, Susannah
Rook, Trayton
Rook, William
Rosen, Josiah
Russell, Ann
Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, Esther
Russell, George *
Russell, John
Russell, Martha
Russell, Reuben
Russell, Richard
Russell, Susan
Russell, Thomas
Russell, Trayton

Sandels, Eliza
Sandles, William
Saunders, Ann
Saunders, Emily
Saunders, George
Saxby, Herbert
Saxby, Thomas
Scrase, Albert
Scrase, Charlotte
Scrase, Daniel
Scrase, Mary Ann
Scrase, William *
Seal, Albert
Seal, Ann
Seal, George
Seal, Henry
Seal, Jane
Semingham, Martha
Sexton, Ann
Sexton, John
Sexton, Sarah
Sexton, Sophie
Sexton, William
Shoosmith, Edward
Simmonds, Mercy Ann
Simmonds, Noame
Smith, Ann
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, James
Smith, Jane *
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Richard
Smith, Sophia
Standford, Frances
Stedman, James
Stedman, Nathan
Stephens, Daniel
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stephens, Ellen
Stephens, Sarah *
Stepney, Edward
Stepney, Ellen
Stepney, George *
Stepney, Hannah
Stone, John
Stone, Sarah
Streeter, Jane *
Streeter, Mary Ann
Streeter, Thomas *
Strothard, John
Swetman, Eliza
Symonds, Edward
Symonds, Eliza
Symonds, Ellen
Symonds, Fanny
Symonds, John
Symonds, Louis
Symonds, Morley

Tann, Rhoda
Tasker, Allison
Tasker, Ann
Tasker, Edward
Tasker, Elizabeth
Tasker, Emily
Tasker, Emmily
Tasker, Henry
Tasker, Henry Edward
Tasker, Jane
Tasker, Louisa
Tasker, Mary
Tasker, Sarah
Tasker, Sophia
Tasker, Susannah
Tasker, Thuza
Tasker, William *
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Ann *
Taylor, Ebenezer
Taylor, Eliza
Taylor, Hephzibah
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, John
Taylor, Joseph *
Taylor, Lucy *
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Matilda
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Trayton
Taylor, William *
Thatcher, Ann
Thatcher, John
Thompson, Harriett * [see also Thomson]
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Isaiah
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, Lydia
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, William
Thomson, George [see also Thompson]
Thorp, Ann Wood * [see also Thorpe]
Thorp, Thomas H.
Thorp, William Tourle
Thorpe, Mary Ann [see also Thorp]
Tongue, Henry Moore
Townsend, Ebenezer
Townsend, Esther
Townsend, Henry
Townsend, John
Townsend, William
Trigwell, Caroline
Trigwell, Charlotte
Trigwell, Ellen
Trigwell, Halbert
Trigwell, Hannah
Trigwell, Harriet
Trigwell, Isaac
Trigwell, James
Trigwell, John *
Trigwell, Joseph
Trigwell, Leonard *
Trigwell, Mary
Trigwell, Sarah *
Trigwell, Sophia
Trigwell, William
Turner, Caroline
Turner, Edward
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Henry *
Turner, Mary
Turner, Mary Ann

Vaughan, William
Veal, John Bessant
Veale, Frances
Verrall, Mary

Waller, Emily
Waller, Esther
Waller, Henry
Waller, John
Waller, Martha *
Waller, Sarah
Washer, Charles
Washer, Jane
Watkins, Arthur
Watkins, Bassett
Watkins, Charles
Watkins, Emily
Watkins, Frederick
Watkins, Lawrence
Watkins, Phillippa
Watkins, Sophia
Welfare, Alfred
Welfare, John
Welfare, Lucy
Welfare, Mary Ann
Welfare, Rosina
Welfare, Sarah
Welfare, William
Weller, Henry
Weller, John
Weller, Lucy
Wheatley, Charles *
Wheatley, Cordelia
Wheatley, David
Wheatley, George
Wheatley, Isabella
Wheatley, Jane
Wheatley, Margaret
Wheatley, Margerina
Wheatley, Richard
Williams, Ellen
Williams, Emily
Williams, James
Williams, Mary
Williams, Roseina
Williams, Samuel *
Williams, Sophia
Willis, Edward
Wilmer, Fanny
Wilmer, James
Wilmer, Margaret
Wilmer, Mary Martin
Winter, Ann
Winter, Caroline
Winter, Edward *
Winter, Elizabeth
Winter, Frederick
Winter, Harriett
Winter, John
Withers, Betsy
Withers, Caroline
Withers, Elizabeth
Withers, William *
Witmarsh, Hannah
Witmarsh, Mary Ann
Wood, Winifred
Worsley, Agnes
Wren, Henry
Wren, Mary

Yarnell, Caroline