1841 Census

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* indicates that more than one person in the 1841 census of Ringmer has this name.

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Amicus, Melanie
Andrews, Eliza
Archer, Mary
Attree, Barbara
Attree, John *
Attree, William
Austen, Caroline

Back, William
Baker, Isaac
Banks, Benjamin
Banks, Charles
Banks, James
Banks, Jane
Banks, John
Banks, Joseph
Banks, Mary
Bannister, Thomas
Barber, Agness
Barber, Ann
Barber, Charlotte *
Barber, Ebenezer
Barber, Fanny
Barber, Harriot
Barber, James *
Barber, John *
Barber, Joseph
Barber, Phillie
Barber, Rhoda
Barber, Robert
Barber, Sarah
Barber, Susan
Barber, Susanna
Barber, William
Bashford, James
Beale, Catharine
Beck, Martha
Berry, Betsey
Berry, Ebenezer
Berry, Ellen
Berry, Henry *
Berry, Hepzibah
Berry, Jane
Berry, Joseph
Berry, Louisa
Berry, Lydia
Berry, Richard
Berry, Sarah *
Berry, William *
Blaber, Ann
Blaber, David
Blaber, Edward *
Blaber, Lucy *
Blaber, Mary
Blaber, Sarah *
Blaber, Sarah
Blaber, Susanna
Boatman, Elizabeth
Boatman, Frances
Boatman, George
Boatman, Mary
Bodle, Elizabeth
Bodle, Henry *
Bodle, Jane
Bodle, Sarah
Bodle, Susan
Bodle, Thomas
Bodle, William
Body, John
Body, Sarah
Body, William *
Bradley, Sarah
Bray, Alfred
Bray, Ann
Bray, Edward
Bray, Elizabeth *
Bray, Harriot
Bray, Henry
Bray, Isaiah
Bray, Joseph *
Bray, Lucy
Bray, Luisa
Bray, Maria
Bray, Philidelphia
Bray, Sarah *
Bray, William *
Breach, Mary
Breeds, Jane
Bridger, Ann
Bridger, Elizabeth
Bridger, George
Bridger, James
Bridger, John
Bridger, William *
Briggs, Ann
Briggs, Catharine
Briggs, Charles *
Briggs, Charlotte
Briggs, Edward
Briggs, Eliza *
Briggs, Elizabeth *
Briggs, Ellen
Briggs, George *
Briggs, Hetty
Briggs, James *
Briggs, Jane *
Briggs, John *
Briggs, Joseph *
Briggs, Martha
Briggs, Marther
Briggs, Mary
Briggs, Sarah *
Briggs, Thomas
Brook, Eliza
Brook, John
Brooker, Charles *
Brooker, Elizabeth
Brooker, Georgianna
Brooker, Mary
Brooker, Richard
Brooker, William *
Bryant, Ann *
Bryant, Charlotte
Bryant, Edmond
Bryant, Edward
Bryant, Elizabeth
Bryant, Frances
Bryant, George *
Bryant, Harriet
Bryant, Henry *
Bryant, James *
Bryant, Jane
Bryant, John
Bryant, Lucy
Bryant, Maria
Bryant, Mary *
Bryant, Mercy
Bryant, Rhoda
Bryant, Robert
Bryant, Samuel
Bryant, Thomas *
Bryant, Trayton *
Bryant, William
Budgen, Ann
Budgen, Joseph
Budgen, Mary
Budgen, Thomas
Bull, Frances Sarah
Burgess, James
Burgess, Mary

Calvert, Anne
Carey, George
Carey, Harriot
Carey, Joseph
Carey, Sarah
Catt, Ann
Catt, Eliza
Catt, Ellen
Chandler, Caroline
Chandler, Elizabeth
Chandler, Harriot
Chandler, Jane *
Chandler, Lucy
Chandler, Mary
Chandler, Thomas
Chatfield, John
Cheal, Frances
Cheal, Henry
Clark, Ann *
Clark, Caroline *
Clark, Edward *
Clark, Elizabeth *
Clark, Emily
Clark, Esther *
Clark, George
Clark, Henry
Clark, James
Clark, Jane *
Clark, John
Clark, Joseph *
Clark, Lucy *
Clark, Mary *
Clark, Rebecca
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Thomas *
Clark, William *
Clarke, Albert
Clarke, Arthur
Clarke, Caroline
Clarke, Cyrus
Clarke, Edward
Clarke, Elizabeth *
Clarke, George
Clarke, Harry
Clarke, James
Clarke, Joseph
Clarke, Lucy *
Clarke, Mercy
Clarke, Sarah
Coates, Alfred
Coates, Edmund *
Coates, Frances
Coates, Lucy
Coates, Martha
Coates, William
Cole, Daniel
Collins, Sarah
Colman, John
Constable, Frances
Constable, John
Constable, Louisa
Cook, Amelia
Cook, Ann
Cook, Philip
Cook, Thomas
Cooke, Elizabeth
Cooke, Jamima
Cosham, Ann
Cosham, Charlotte
Cosham, David
Cosham, Edward *
Cosham, Elizabeth
Cosham, Esther
Cosham, Fanny
Cosham, Frances *
Cosham, Frederick
Cosham, Henry
Cosham, Jane
Cosham, John *
Cosham, Lucy
Cosham, Mary *
Cosham, Sarah *
Cosham, Selena
Cosham, Susanah
Cosham, Thomas *
Cosham, William *
Cox, David
Cox, George
Cox, Harriott
Cox, William
Creasy, Joseph
Creasy, Lucy
Crouch, Jane
Crouch, Thomas
Crowhurst, Edward
Crowhurst, Phoebe

Dabson, Elizabeth
Dabson, Harriet
Dabson, Harriett
Dabson, Isaac *
Dabson, John
Dabson, Lucy
Dabson, Thomas
Dadswell, James
Dale, Thomas
Dicker, Arthur
Dicker, Caroline
Dicker, Chloe
Dicker, David
Dicker, John
Dicker, Lucy
Dicker, Mary
Dicker, Phoebe
Dicker, Richard
Dicker, Sarah
Dicker, Spencer
Dicker, Thomas *
Diplock, Caroline *
Diplock, Daniel
Diplock, Elizabeth
Diplock, George
Diplock, Joseph *
Diplock, Louisa
Diplock, Lucy
Diplock, Lydia
Diplock, Mary
Diplock, William *
Dival, Alfred
Dival, Barbara
Dival, George
Dival, Henry *
Dival, Louisa
Dival, Thomas
Divall, Alfred
Divall, Benjamin
Divall, David
Divall, Edmond
Divall, Eliza
Divall, Elizabeth *
Divall, Ellen
Divall, Esther
Divall, Frederick
Divall, George *
Divall, Harriot
Divall, Jane *
Divall, John *
Divall, Lucy
Divall, Mary
Divall, Sarah
Divall, Stephen
Divall, Thomas *
Divall, William
Dodson, Ellen
Dodson, Emma
Dodson, Frances
Dodson, Mary
Duffield, Charity *
Duffield, George *
Duffield, Lucy *
Duffield, Thomas
Durrant, Ann *
Durrant, Charlotte
Durrant, John
Durrant, Robert
Durrant, Samuel
Durrant, William

Edwards, Benjamin
Edwards, Eliza
Edwards, Fanny *
Edwards, James
Edwards, Jane
Edwards, Joseph
Edwards, Mary *
Elce, William
Ellis, Frances
Ellis, Harriet
Ellis, Henry
Ellis, Lucy
Ellis, William
Elliss, Henry
Elphick, Stephen
Elpick, Mary
Errye, Charlotte
Errye, John
Errye, Mary
Evans, Ann
Evans, Anne
Evans, Edward *
Evans, Esther
Evans, Frances
Evans, Hannah
Evans, James
Evans, Lucy
Evans, Martha
Evans, Mary *
Evans, Robert *
Evans, Sarah
Evans, Thomas
Evans, William *
Eveiask, Maria

Finch, Henry
Foord Elizabeth
Foord Isaac
Foord John
Foord Maria
Foord Samuel
Foord, Ann
Foord, Argent
Foord, Caroline
Foord, Elizabeth
Foord, Henry
Foord, Isaac
Foord, Isabella
Foord, Jane
Foord, John *
Foord, Joseph *
Foord, Mary *
Foord, Samuel *
Foord, Thomas
Foord, William
Ford, Alfred
Ford, Ann *
Ford, Harriot
Ford, James
Ford, John *
Ford, Jonathan
Ford, Joseph *
Ford, Maria
Ford, Mary *
Ford, Richard
Ford, Sarah *
Ford, Susan
Ford, Thomas
Ford, William
Fowler, Harriet
French, Ann *
French, Caroline
French, David
French, Elizabeth *
French, George *
French, Hannah
French, Henry
French, John
French, Joseph
French, Mary
French, Thomas
French, William
Fuller, Ann
Fuller, Elizabeth
Fuller, John *
Fuller, Joseph *
Fuller, Mary
Fuller, Mercy *
Fuller, Phillie
Fuller, Richard
Fuller, Thomas

Gallop, John
Garritt, Frances
Gaston, Abraham
Gaston, Ann
Gaston, Charles
Gaston, David
Gaston, Edward *
Gaston, Eli
Gaston, Eliza *
Gaston, Elizabeth *
Gaston, Ely
Gaston, George
Gaston, Henrietta
Gaston, Henry *
Gaston, Jane *
Gaston, John *
Gaston, Joseph
Gaston, Mary *
Gaston, Peter
Gaston, Sarah *
Gaston, Thomas
Gaston, William
Gates, David
Gates, Edward
Gates, Elinor
Gates, Esther *
Gates, George
Gates, Henry
Gates, Joseph
Gates, Phille
Gates, Stephen
Gates, Susan
Gates, Thomas
Gates, Thurza
Gates, William
Geebs, Henry
Geebs, John
Geebs, Phebe
Geebs, Thomas
Geering, James
Genner, Ann
Genner, Harriet
Gladman, Edward
Gladman, Eliza
Gladman, George
Gladman, Mary
Goldsmith, Charlotte *
Goldsmith, David
Goldsmith, Edward
Goldsmith, Eliza
Goldsmith, Frances
Goldsmith, George
Goldsmith, Harriet
Goldsmith, Henry
Goldsmith, Isaac
Goldsmith, John *
Goldsmith, Joseph
Goldsmith, Josiah
Goldsmith, Mary *
Goldsmith, Matilda
Goldsmith, Rebecca
Goldsmith, Samuel *
Goldsmith, Sarah
Goldsmith, Thomas
Goldsmith, William
Gorringe, Mary
Gorringe, Richard *
Gray, Elespet
Gray, George
Gray, Hannah
Gray, Thomas
Greenfield, Alfred
Greenfield, Ann
Greenfield, Barbara
Greenfield, Charlotte
Greenfield, Elizabeth
Greenfield, Frances *
Greenfield, George
Greenfield, Harriot
Greenfield, Henry *
Greenfield, Mary *
Greenfield, Nathan
Greenfield, Philidelphia
Greenfield, Richard
Greenfield, Sarah
Greenfield, William *
Grover, Eliza
Grover, Henry
Guy, Thomas

Hall, Eliza
Hall, John
Harman, Elizabeth
Harvey, David
Harvey, Delia
Harvey, Frances
Harvey, Hannah
Harvey, Henry
Harvey, Joseph
Harvey, Martha
Harvey, Mary *
Harvey, Sarah
Harvey, Thomas
Harvey, William
Hassell, Frances
Hassell, Henry
Hassell, John
Hassell, William
Hawes, Eliza Sophia
Hayler, Ann
Hayler, David *
Hayler, Elias
Hayler, Eliza
Hayler, George
Hayler, Jane *
Haylor, Shem
Hemsley, Ann
Hemsley, Frances
Hemsley, James
Hemsley, Mary
Hemsley, Sarah
Henty, Abigail
Henty, John *
Henty, Luke
Henty, Mary
Hersey, James
Hersey, Jane
Hersey, Lydia
Hilands, Edward
Hilands, Harriet
Hilands, Henry
Hilands, Thomas
Hill, William
Hillman, Ann
Hillman, Edward
Hillman, Henry
Hillman, Joseph
Hillman, Lucy
Hillman, Martha
Hillman, Mary *
Hillman, Matilda
Hillman, Susannah
Hillman, Thomas *
Hillman, William
Hills, David
Hills, Mary
Hills, Sarah
Hollingdale, Willam
Holman, Dinah
Holman, Eliza
Holman, George
Holman, Herbert
Holman, James
Holman, Mary
Holmes, Esther
Holmes, Fanny
Holmes, Harriett
Holmes, James *
Holmes, Jesse
Holmes, Pheobe
Hope, Sarah
Howell, Jane
Howell, Richard
Howell, Robert
Howell, Samuel
Howes, Sarah
Huggett, Sarah
Huggett, Walter
Huggett, William
Huntley, Ann
Huntley, George
Huntley, Judith
Huntley, Mary
Hylands, Alfred
Hylands, Ann
Hylands, Charles
Hylands, Edward
Hylands, Elizabeth
Hylands, Ellen
Hylands, Frances
Hylands, George
Hylands, Henry *
Hylands, Horace
Hylands, James
Hylands, Jane
Hylands, John *
Hylands, Joseph
Hylands, Lydia
Hylands, Rebecca

Imms, Ann
Imms, Charles
Imms, Charlotte
Imms, David
Imms, Esther
Imms, Frederic
Imms, George
Imms, James
Imms, John *
Imms, Joseph
Imms, Mary
Imms, Thomas
Inskip, Ann *
Inskip, Elizabeth
Inskip, Emma
Inskip, Fanny
Inskip, George *
Inskip, Henrietta
Inskip, John
Inskip, Thomas
Inskip, William
Ivory, Anne
Ivory, James William

Jackson, George
Jackson, John
Jefery, James
Jefery, Javis
Jefery, Sarah
Jefery, Susan
Jenner, Elizabeth *
Jenner, John *
Jenner, Philadelphia
Jenner, Richard
Jenner, William *
Jenner, Wineford
Jones, Emma
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, Jethro
Jones, John
Jones, Jonathan
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Lucy
Jones, Maria
Jones, Mary *
Jones, Naomi
Jones, Samuel *
Joseph, Eliza Julia
Joy, Jane
Joy, William

Kirby, Martha
Knight, Lydia
Knight, Reuben

Lamb, Caroline *
Lamb, Thomas
Langridge, John
Laurence, Ann
Lee, Charlotte
Lee, David
Lee, Elizabeth
Lee, John *
Lee, Louisa
Lee, Martha
Lee, Sarah
Lee, William
Lidbetter, Sarah
Lock, Jane
Lock, Jesse
Lowdell, Jane
Lowdell, Stephen
Lupton, John
Lutman, George
Lutman, Hannah
Lutman, Richard

March, Mercy
Marchant, Amelia
Marchant, James
Martin, Albert
Martin, Annetta
Martin, Charlotte
Martin, David *
Martin, Edmond
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Elizabeth *
Martin, Ellen
Martin, Ferdinand
Martin, Foster
Martin, Frances
Martin, Frank
Martin, Frederic
Martin, Frederick *
Martin, George *
Martin, Harriett
Martin, Henry
Martin, Joseph *
Martin, Maria *
Martin, Mathew
Martin, Miller
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sophia
Martin, Thomas
Martin, William *
McKinley, Charles
McKinley, Edward
McKinley, Eleanor
McKinley, Mary
McKinley, Michael
McKinley, William
Meek, Ann
Meek, Joseph
Meek, Sarah
Merricks, Frances
Merricks, James
Miles, Philly
Miller, Charlotte
Miller, Edward *
Miller, Edwin
Miller, Elizabeth *
Miller, George
Miller, Joseph *
Miller, Rebecca
Miller, Thomas
Miller, William *
Mitchell, Henry

Neve, Robert
Neve, Sarah
Newnham, Benjamin
Newnham, Esther
Newnham, John
Newnham, Mary
Newnham, Sarah
Newnham, Shadrack *
Newnham, William
Newton, Ann
Newton, David
Newton, Eleanor
Newton, George
Newton, Leah
Newton, Samuel
Nicholls, Jane

Oliver, Elizabeth *
Oliver, James
Oliver, John
Oliver, Thomas
Oliver, William

Packett, Mary
Packett, Samuel
Packham, Ann
Packham, Eliza
Packham, Elizabeth *
Packham, Emily
Packham, Fanny
Packham, George *
Packham, Harriet
Packham, Henry *
Packham, James
Packham, Jane
Packham, Jesse
Packham, Joseph
Packham, Lucy
Packham, Maria
Packham, Ruben *
Packham, Sarah
Packham, Sarah Anne
Packham, William
Packham, Mary *
Page, Henry
Paine, Charles
Paine, Edward
Paine, Elizabeth
Paine, Francis
Paine, Henry *
Paine, John
Paine, Luisa *
Paine, Mary
Paine, Susanah
Pattenden, Francis
Peckham, Ann
Peckham, Elizabeth
Peckham, Emily
Peckham, Henry *
Peckham, Joseph
Peckham, Lucy
Peckham, Mary
Peckham, Robert
Peckham, Sarah
Pelham, Fanny
Pelham, Francis
Pelham, James *
Pelham, Jane
Pelham, Joseph
Pelham, Luke
Pelham, Maria
Pelham, Peter
Pelham, William
Penfold, Prissila
Penfold, Richard
Pennels, Sarah
Piper, Sarah
Pitcher, George
Pockney, Charles
Pockney, Harriet
Pockney, Lucy
Pockney, Mary
Pockney, William *
Pollard, Susan
Pollard, William
Pont (?), Matthew
Proctor, Alexander *
Proctor, Elizabeth
Proctor, Isabella
Proctor, Margaret
Proctor, Susanah

Randall, Cornelius
Randall, David
Randall, Elizabeth
Randall, Rebecca
Randalls, Sophia
Ranger, David
Ranger, Douglass
Ranger, Elizabeth
Ranger, Francis
Ranger, James
Ranger, Maria
Ranger, Walter
Reed, John
Richard, Phillidelphia
Richards, Elias
Richards, Sarah
Richards, Thomas
Richardson, Ann
Richardson, Lucy *
Richardson, Mary *
Richardson, Obedia
Richardson, William
Rickman, John
Rickman, Matilda
Rickman, Pricilla
Rickman, Rachel
Rickman, Sarah *
Roberts, Benjamin
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, James
Roberts, John
Roberts, Naomi
Roberts, Thomas
Roberts, William
Rogers, Thomas
Rook, Mary
Rooke, Able
Rooke, Amos
Rooke, David
Rooke, Esther
Rooke, John *
Rooke, Mary
Rooke, Stephen
Russell, Ann
Russell, George *
Russell, John
Russell, Martha
Russell, Philidelphia
Russell, Susanna
Russell, Thomas

Saxby, Alfred
Saxby, Amelia
Saxby, Charles
Saxby, Frederick
Saxby, James
Saxton, Sarah
Saxton, Thomas
Seal, Benjamin
Seal, Henry *
Seal, Susanah
Seal, William
Sendalls, Ann
Sexton, Frederic
Sexton, Jane
Sexton, William
Shackleford, Anne
Shackleford, Charlotte
Shackleford, Edward James
Shackleford, Frederick
Shackleford, William Frederick
Sharrack, Michael
Sharrack, William *
Shoesmith, George
Shoesmith, Thomas
Siggs, Lucy
Sinden, Eliza
Sinden, William
Skinner, Bernard
Skinner, Ellen
Skinner, Emma
Skinner, Hannah
Skinner, Harriot
Skinner, Henry
Slarks, Mary
Slauter, George
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Emir (?)
Smith, James *
Smith, Jane *
Smith, John
Smith, Sophia
Sparrow, Frances
Standen, Charles
Stanford, Charles
Stanford, Francis
Stanford, George
Stedman, Elizabeth *
Stedman, Hannah
Stedman, James
Stedman, Mary
Stedman, Nathan *
Stedman, Sarah
Steel, Eliza
Stephens, Daniel
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stephens, Ellen
Stepney, George
Stoneham, Martha
Streeter, Thomas

Tasker, Edward
Tasker, Eliza
Tasker, Elizabeth *
Tasker, Henry *
Tasker, Mary *
Tasker, Sarah *
Tasker, Susanna
Tasker, Thomas *
Tasker, William *
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Almenia
Taylor, Ann
Taylor, Caroline *
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Elizabeth *
Taylor, Harriet
Taylor, John
Taylor, Joseph *
Taylor, Mary *
Taylor, Matilda
Taylor, Richard *
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor, Susanah
Taylor, Susannah
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, William *
Thompset, Elizabeth
Thompset, Mary
Thompson, Ann
Thompson, George *
Thompson, Hezekiah
Thompson, Isiah
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, John
Thompson, Lucy
Thompson, Mary *
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, William *
Thomson, Barnett
Thomson, Eliza
Thomson, Emma
Thomson, Fanny
Thomson, Henry
Thomson, Hezekiah
Thomson, Lucy
Thomson, Lydia
Thomson, Mary *
Thomson, Masilla
Thomson, Nelson
Thomson, Sally
Thomson, William
Tiding (?), Caroline
Tiding (?), Elizabeth
Tiding (?), John
Tiding (?), Maria
Towner, James
Trigwell, Caroline
Trigwell, Charlotte *
Trigwell, Henry
Trigwell, Isaac
Trigwell, James *
Trigwell, Joseph *
Trigwell, Leonard
Trigwell, Lucy
Trigwell, Mariah
Trigwell, Sophia
Trigwell, Thomas *
Trigwell, William *
Turner, Edward
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, George
Turner, Harriet
Turner, Henry *
Turner, John
Turner, Maria
Turner, Mary
Turner, Philladelphia
Turner, Thomas

Unwin, Maria
Unwin, Sarah *

Vann, Ann
Verrall, Alfred
Verrall, Ann
Verrall, Benjamin
Verrall, Edwin
Verrall, Mary
Verrall, Sarah
Verrall, Thomas

Washer, Charles
Washer, Eliza
Washer, General
Washer, Jane
Watson, Emma *
Watson, Fanny
Watson, William *
Welfare, Dina
Welfare, Dinah
Welfare, John
Welfare, Mary
Welfare, Richard
Welfare, Rosena
Welfare, William
Weller, Ann
Weller, Henry
Weston, Ellen
Wheatley, Charles
Wheatley, Jane
Wheatley, Richard
Wheatley, Sophia
Wheatley, Susanna
Wheatley, William
White, Philis
White, Sarah
White, Thomas *
Whiteman, William
Whitmark, Hannah
Williams, Eleanor
Williams, Emily
Williams, James
Williams, Mary
Williams, Rosanna
Williams, Samuel *
Winn, Harriot
Winter, Ady
Winter, Ann
Winter, Edmund
Winter, Edward
Winter, Eliza
Winter, Frances
Winter, Harriet
Winter, James
Winter, John *
Winter, Stephen
Winton, Mary
Wolfe, Elizabeth
Wood, Alfred
Wood, Ann
Wood, Annette
Wood, Caroline
Wood, Edward
Wood, Eliza
Wood, Elizabeth *
Wood, George
Wood, Henry
Wood, James
Wood, John
Wood, Mary *
Wood, Mary
Wood, Mary
Wood, Samuel
Wood, Stephen
Woolgar, Ann
Woolgar, Philip

Yates, John
Yates, Kezia
Yeoman, James
Yeoman, Jane