Biographical note about Lawrence Garner, written by himself



Lawrence Garner was born in 1935 at 6 Park Farm Cottages, Ryngmer Park farm, where his father was a cowman. He attended Ringmer Council School from 1940-45, and was one of the first two pupils to pass the new 11+ exam, which took him to Lewes County Grammar School. In 1947 his father died, which meant that his mother was obliged to leave the tied cottage and move, together with her three sons, to live with her mother in Lewes. Having gained a place at Southampton University in 1953, he spent three years as a student before embarking on another three years in the regular army. He then (misguidedly) decided to become a teacher, and put up with it for twenty years before leaving the profession to try a career as a freelance journalist and author, a decision that brought initial hardship but which eventually resulted in modest success. In 1997 he was ordained as a priest in the Western Rite Catholic Church. He now lives in Oswestry, Shropshire, where he will probably die.